Szczepkowski Sole Proprietors

James Szczepkowski

So you want to start a business!

Szczepkowski Sole Proprietors help you start your own business! Depending on the type of business you are starting, what goods you are selling depends on the price of the operation.

What type of business are we?

Believe it or not, our business is also a sole proprietor business. Our founder, James Szczepkowski chose to start this particular kind of business because it was easy to start up.

A few advantages of starting up your own sole proprietor business are:
-ANYONE can start a proprietorship business whenever they want
-Decisions can be made quickly, without having to consult ideas with other workers
-The owner of the business receives all of the profit.
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Our business has struggled too!

When starting out our business we had to overcome many disadvantages, but with the right advice, you too can overcome struggles like...
-being financially responsible for the business
-starting up your business and struggling with the money to do it
-having trouble hiring employees
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Working with employees

When owning a business, communication is key! To do this, you will need to collect your employees phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information! For example, the Szczepkowski Sole Proprietors uses mass email messages, and also face to face meetings.
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Labor Unions?

Our business does not have a labor union system. Instead, we decided that no matter what we would come to terms on a situation, and not have an outsider come and decide for us.
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Going Green!

Our business supports the statement of "going green," and in each room we have recycling bins for plastic and paper. Instead of being wasteful when printing papers, we make sure that we use the front and back sides of the page and also fit 2 pages into one side.
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