Slavey in the United States

By Kaley


The slaves were African and they came in ships. Slavery was in the United States because they used the slaves to help with their crops and their goods. For most of the slave families there was brutal treatment and some slaves feared from getting sold away from their loved ones.

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was a group that used secret passages and safe houses to help the slaves escape. Harriet Tubman was one of the people who helped free the slaves. She used to be a slave until she escaped. She helped lead approximately 300 slaves to freedom and she had made about 19 trips.

Slave Songs

Many of the themes in the slave songs had to do with freedom. Some of them gave information like when to escape and were to go to escape hidden in the songs. "Follow the Drinking Gourd" was one slave song that actually had a complete detailed map to Canada.