Running Club News

February 2016

Wednesday, Feb 3

We are going to cancel Running Club for tomorrow, Wednesday 3 due to severe thunderstorms moving through the area. We will have running club next week February 10 and will reschedule tomorrow for Wednesday, February 17.

Running Club Weekly in March and April

Our Millbridge 5K will be on Saturday, April 30. In order for our students to have consistent training, we will start having running club on a weekly basis. Our March dates will be the 2nd, 9th, 16th and the 23rd. Our April dates will be the 6th, 13th, 20th, and the 27th. Thank you to those of you that have volunteered this year. We can always use an extra set of eyes so if you would like to start enjoying the spring weather in March, come join us!

Millbridge 5K

Saturday, April 30th, 9am

155 Ed Deal Road

China Grove, NC

Runners and Walkers Welcome!

Stop Watches

I have purchased some stop watches so our students can start learning how to pace their speed when running longer distances. Many young runners want to start a race by sprinting and then may not have the energy to finish and will become frustrated. Pacing is difficult to learn and control. Students are encouraged to use the stop watches to try and run each lap in the same amount of time. Our walkers are encouraged to walk at a faster pace each lap and even add a few seconds of jogging in each lap. Once runners understand the concept of pacing, then we can start working on speed. Unfortunately I do not have the funding to purchase enough stop watches for everyone, so if your child would like to bring their own, please make sure their name is written on it.