TOMORRO\\\ Daily Roundup 06/29/2016

Spotify, Programmatic, Snapchat

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To facilitate the step change in marketing, the business has shifted the way it works with agencies. Whereas it used to hire creatives on a project basis now it has a global relationship with Wieden + Kennedy. Not to be outdone by external forces, Spotfy is also staffing up its internal creative team whose members will fuel the brand’s early investments in using traditional channels like TV and outdoor to reach a broader audience frequently.


Keith Weed talks to Cannes Lions TV

Programmatic Marketing

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LinkedIn on Tuesday announced the launch of programmatic buying to make it easier for advertisers to buy LinkedIn Display Ads, which they can now buy through their preferred buying platforms, either through an Open Auction or via LinkedIn Private Auctions.

Michael Green, AudienceScience’s VP of product strategy, believes too many marketers are concerned with thinking about what types of technology to use and how much money should be allocated to programmatic as a channel. “They’re asking the wrong questions right now; programmatic is a set of tools to make marketers’ lives easier.”

Social Media

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98.9% of interactions with Fortune 500 brands on Instagram come in the form of likes or “double-taps,” indicating that Instagram is by and large an engagement network, not a conversational network.

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Contrary to the typically controlled image of luxury brands with highly produced imagery and carefully constructed text, Snapchat often represents a more realistic side of fashion. The sometimes blurry imagery captured on a mobile phone can actually prove beneficial to a label, as consumers say it makes them feel closer to a brand, leaving them wanting more.

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