Boer War

By:Brendan and Harman

What was it?

  • A war
  • It was between The British Empire and the Afrikaners
  • The battle of Paardeberg, Leilefontein and Boshbult
  • It mainly happened because the British wanted to control all of South Africa

Who was involved?

  • The British Empire
  • The Afrikaners
  • Canada fought in it
  • The Afrikaners were European refugees
  • France, Russia and Germany participated in the war

Where did the war take place?

  • In South Africa
  • Cape Town
  • Transvaal province in South Africa
  • Pretoria
  • Paardeberg, Leilefontein, Boshbult and Bloemfontein

When did the war occur?

  • Went form 1899-1902
  • Boers surrendered on May 31 of 1902
  • Battle of Paardeberg happened in 1899
  • Battle of Leilefontein 1900
  • Battle of Boshbult 1902
  • Just before WWI
  • Just after Queen Victoria diamond jubilee
Anglo Boer War


  • A man by the name "Samuel Ernest Crane" was against the boer war
  • He created a design with the word "Stop the War"
  • This design was put on numerous leaflets, posters and banners at Anti-War rallies in Australia
  • He was eventually successful and ended the war a lot sooner then it would have before
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