Good Communication

One of the most important things in a healthy relationship is good communication. When you have good communication, you would be able to have a successful and honest relationship. You have to be able to interact and talk to each other about issues. You'll develop trust, commitment and maintain a trusting and lasting relationship.


Respect is huge in a healthy relationship. Respect can go in many categories. It is also related to supporting your partner, personal space and trust. To be able to have a healthy relationship, you must have trust and must be able to accept and respect your partner's choices and opinions. This also goes along with personal space because you must give your partner personal space and not go invading and interfering with their personal issues. However, as a healthy couple/partner, they would probably be able to talk to you about it. You should not always be clingy and follow them everywhere.


You should be able to give support and help your partner even if it's just emotions and small things like cheering them on or encouraging them along the way. You should also help them when they're in trouble and be there for them when they're feeling down. However, you should only help them when needed, only when they ask or else you would make them feel insecure and like they're not good enough.


Patience is necessary for a healthy relationship. You must be able to have willingness to wait for your partner, control your partner's temper, and also accept them. This must not include physical harshness or controlling behaviors. You must have the patience and respect to your partner's opinions and choices.


Cooperation is another very important key to a healthy relationship. It is when you work together to accomplish something. You must have the equal rights of making decisions and choices. You would have a fair task and interact with one another to build up to your goal. You must be able to work with the other person and share the equal responsibilities.


Freedom goes along the lines of respect and trust. It is feeling safe to build relationships on your own and have an outside world. It is being able to express your opinions, having your own hobbies, interests and friends without it being a problem for your partner.