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June 3, 2020

TOHS End of Year Activities & Graduation Plan Reminder

It is the mission of Thousand Oaks High School to inspire, challenge and empower every Lancer, every day.

TOHS End of Year Activities Video

Staff Data for Reopen and Redesign Process

Dear Lancer Families,

In last weekend's Green Sheet, I discussed the CVUSD Reopen and Redesign Committee process. I also included a lot of data from our family survey. It's important to note that our faculty and staff have also completed surveys and that data will also be a driving factor in what our district decides to do. Our teachers, especially, have a unique perspective on the brand of distance learning that we've been utilizing since March 13. Their observations of what has worked and what has not worked will clearly pave the way as we redesign any distance learning opportunities that CVUSD offers in the future. Additionally, data from our classified staff has also been gathered and is currently being analyzed. Here is the teacher data:

Big picture
I'd also like to spend some time reminding our seniors of the importance of returning school books and technology this Friday. Remember, students will not be given their diploma until they have returned all school property to the school. That can be done on Friday, June 5th. One final reminder to seniors - please take your senior survey! The information is critical to our planning. You can find the information on how to access the survey further on in this newsletter.

There have been a lot of calls from families who missed the locker clean out day who are asking about a make-up day. Any students in grades 9-11 can access lockers on the 11th or 12th during their assigned time (se below for details). Seniors who still need to access to their lockers can do so during any one of the assigned textbook collections times. However, textbooks can only be turned in from their car at the curb in front of the library. Anyone attempting to turn in books while not in their vehicle will be turned away.

Thanks everyone, see you soon.


Dr. Eric Bergmann, Principal




June 5 - Yearbooks, PTSA Gift, Honor Cords, and Senior Textbook and Technology Turn in

June 5 - June 5 will be an incredibly busy day at TOHS. In an effort to minimize the number of days that families have to come to campus to pick-up or drop off items, we've tried to combine as many of these events into one. On June 5th, students will be able to:

1. Pick up their yearbook distribution

2. Seniors will be given a graduation gift by PTSA

3. Seniors will be able to pick up graduation honors items (Valedictorian medals, honors cords, and Center and ETHOS stoles)

4. Seniors will also turn in their textbooks and Chromebooks and iPads.

All stations are open from 9am-12pm

  • Station #1 - Yearbook pick up in north lot (near the park)
  • All grades can pick up if pre-ordered
  • Seniors ONLY may purchase with a credit card

  • Station #2 - PTSA will be handing out gifts that have been pre-ordered.

  • Station #3 - Senior Graduation Regalia pick up (cords, medallions, stoles, etc) n the front parking lot, outside the office

  • Station #4 - Senior Chromebook and iPad return in front parking lot, outside the library

Yearbook Distribution #2 : 5pm – 7pm pick up in north lot (near the park)

  • All grades can pick up
  • All grades may purchase any remaining yearbooks with a credit card

A map of the different station locations can be seen below.

Cars should begin at station #1 in the north lot in order to pick up yearbooks. Once your yearbook is in hand, if you arein grade 9-11, you may exit campus via Lancer Way and out onto Moorpark Rd. If you are in grade 12, stay in the lot, drive by the PAC and into the front lot. There, you can access stations 2, 3, and 4 from the drive through lane.

Big picture
Big picture

Graduation Overview

The 2020 TOHS Graduation will consist of two parts: a curbside diploma ceremony as well as an online virtual ceremony. While nothing...and I mean nothing...can compare to the experience of receiving a diploma in Lancer Stadium in a traditional ceremony, it is our hope that the combination of these alternative two events will try to capture some flavor of the graduation that our seniors have been working toward. Below, each aspect of our graduation will be described. Both will take place on Wednesday, June 10. Circle that date on your calendar!

Diploma Ceremony


No graduation ceremony is truly complete unless there is some sort of ceremony where our seniors are asked to don a cap and gown and are then handed a diploma. Given the restrictions that are in place in regards to social distancing, and the prohibition of large social gatherings, building such a ceremony has been a challenge. All high schools in CVUSD have been working together to build similar events that accomplish the same goal - an opportunity to hand our students a diploma! We believe this event accomplishes that goal.

Read carefully, as there are detailed instructions that everyone must follow in order for the event to go smoothly and efficiently. At their designated time, students (who should be in their full graduation attire) and their families will drive onto campus through the parking lot on Flores.

IMPORTANT NOTE...Families will be permitted to bring two cars per student (note - no over-sized vehicles will be permitted; i.e., RVs, trailers, anything larger than a pick-up truck or van). Also according the Ventura County: All participants, excluding school personnel, security and graduating seniors, must arrive and remain in a fully enclosed motorized vehicle. Open convertibles, motorcycles, vehicles without doors (golf carts, etc.), scooters, skateboards, bicycles, and any other mode of transportation that is not a fully enclosed motorized vehicle are not permitted.

IMPORTANT NOTE...TOPD will be present on Flores controlling traffic. Westbound Flores will be closed. You will only be able to get into the parking lot while driving eastbound on Flores (toward Moorpark Rd). Once in the lot, cars will be lined up single file and directed onto the service road (between the stadium and classrooms). Along the way, students will receive a gloves and a customized mask as well as a name card to be used later in the ceremony.

Once cars reach Lancer Way, they will turn right and then right again in order to enter into our front lot (the route can be seen below). By this time, students should have their mask and gloves on. When students and their car(s) are in front of the office building, the student will exit the car and head to the flagpole. Their name will be read, they will cross the stage and I will hand them a diploma cover.

IMPORTANT NOTE...everyone else in the student's family MUST stay in the car. Families may take pictures from inside their car, but please know that Cornerstone will be present to capture the event. Our Activities office will be providing each family a commemorative graduation picture of their student - free of charge (mailed after the ceremony). After the student leaves the stage, they will pick up their actual diploma from a nearby table and will then get back into their car(s) and head out of the lot and onto Moorpark Rd.


As mentioned, the event will take place on Wednesday June 10. Students and their families have been assigned a time they will drive to school and receive their diploma. Here are the time assignments. We ask that you show up at your designated time. Failure to do so may cause delays for everyone at other times in the ceremony. The time slots are associated with the student's counselor:

9:00 - 10:15: Ms. Ross's Students (last names A-Ci & ETHOS Students)

10:15 - 11:30: Ms. Britt's Students (last names Co - I)

11:30 - 12:45: Ms. Montero's Students (last names J-Morg & EL Students)

12:45 - 2:00: Ms. Scott's Students (last names Moro - Se & AVID Students)

2:00 - 3:15: Mr. Zasadil's Students (Sh - Z & Center Students)

A Map of the route can be found below, as well as a diagram of the diploma ceremony stage area (in front of the school).

Big picture
Big picture

Virtual Graduation

On June 10th, at approximately 4pm, a link that will take students and their families to a virtual ceremony will be shard with senior families. The virtual ceremony will include graduation speeches, performances, the official acceptance of our graduates by the Board of Education as well as the official "reading of the names" while viewing each student's senior portrait.

Senior Survey

Seniors! Please take the time to complete your senior survey sometime before June 12.

Directions for taking the Senior Survey

  • Log onto Naviance:
  • Students can also access the survey from their phones/tablet by accessing the TOHS website
  • Students log in with their Google learn e-mail and Google learn password
  • Click on the “About Me” tab on the top right of the screen
  • If using the internet through a phone or tablet, click on the three horizontal lines on the right side of screen. In the drop down, click on “About Me”
  • In the drop down click on “My Surveys”
  • Students who HAVE NOT started the survey, click on: “Surveys not started”
  • If a student has started and RETURNING to complete, click on: “Surveys in progress”
  • Click on Senior Survey 2020 and begin survey

Jostens Contact

If anybody needs to contact Jostens directly - I have been advised by our representative to ask you to contact him directly:

John Zavala

Jostens Senior Sales Rep. & Service Specialist

Providing Schools, Students & Parents the Ultimate Symbols of Success

Office: (805) 987-4147


P.O. Box 1725

Camarillo, CA 93011

TOHS End of Year Activity Calendar

June 5:

Yearbook distribution, graduation regalia pick up, book drop off, Chromebook and iPad return (See map below)

All stations open from 9am-12pm

  • Station #1 - Yearbook pick up in north lot (near the park)
  • All grades can pick up if pre-ordered
  • Seniors ONLY may purchase with a credit card

  • Station #2 - PTSA Gifts in front of PAC
  • Gifts that were pre-ordered on the PTSA website may be picked up

  • Station #3 - Senior Graduation Regalia pick up (cords, medallions, stoles, etc) as well as certain athletic awards (multi-sport athletes, next level athletes) in the front parking lot, outside the office

  • Station #4 - Senior textbook, Chromebook and iPad return in front parking lot, outside the library

Yearbook Distribution #2 : 5pm – 7pm pick up in north lot (near the park)

  • All grades can pick up
  • All grades may purchase any remaining yearbooks with a credit card

June 5:

  • Senior grades turned in

Week of June 8-12

June 8 – 11

  • Finals, grades 9-11

June 8:

  • Senior Recognition Video link is released at 4pm
  • Video will feature those students receiving an academic and/or athletic honor

June 10: 5pm: Virtual Graduation link is released

June 10: 9am – 3pm: Drive-thru diploma ceremony in front lot – 9am-3pm

** Note, if any students grade 9-11 need to access lockers on the 11th or 12th they may do so during their assigned time. However, textbooks can only be turned in from their car at the curb in front of the library. Anyone attempting to turn in books while not in their vehicle will be turned away.

June 11: 11th grade textbook turn in

  • Turn in textbooks in front of the school between 1-4pm

June 12: 9th grade/10th grade textbook turn in

  • 10th grade textbook turn in from 8-11am in front of the school
  • 9th grade textbook turn in from 1-4pm in front of the school

Technology for grades 9-11

To date more than 4,000 technology devices and 70 WiFi hotspots have been distributed to students to support distance learning through our technology device loaner program. As the school year draws to a close, we want to clarify which CVUSD technology devices that have been loaned to families are required to be returned.

For students who are returning to CVUSD for the 2020-2021 school year, if you choose, please continue to loan the device through the summer.

For students who are returning to CVUSD, but would like to return their borrowed technology device - please schedule a “Return my device” appointment now via our online form.

For students that are graduating seniors and/or are disenrolling from CVUSD, we respectfully request the loaned device be returned. For students who are graduating and/or no longer attending a CVUSD school in the Fall, please follow the device return instructions that may have been previously communicated by your school site OR schedule a “Return my device” appointment now via our online form.

CVUSD’s team of dedicated technicians will continue to provide a vast array of technology support and guidance for our students, and families - a comprehensive list of support options is available here.

Textbook Turn In for Grades 9-11

Hello Lancer Families,

We hope you’re doing well and staying safe!

With the school year winding down, we are preparing for textbook returns, which will take place in a drive-through fashion in the front parking lot during the first two weeks of June. Please refer to the schedule below to find the day and time to return your library items.

Parents, please keep an eye out for an e-mail from the Lancer Library early next week containing an itemized list of all textbooks and library books currently checked out to your student. You can compare the barcode numbers on your books to the barcodes on the list to make sure that you are returning copies that are checked out on the student’s account. If possible, please print the list and bring it with you so that staff can let you know on the spot which items, if any, are still outstanding.

(Please note: Lists will be sent to the parent/guardian e-mail addresses that we have on file in Q)



Tuesday 6/2: 1pm - 3pm

Wednesday 6/3: 1pm - 3pm

Friday 6/5: 9am - 12pm


Thursday 6/11: 1pm - 5pm


Friday 6/12: 8am - 11am


Friday 6/12: 1pm - 4pm

When you arrive for drop-offs, please remain in your car. A staff member will come to collect your items.

If you will be paying a fine for lost/damaged library items, please place either exact change or a check made out to TOHS in an envelope with the student’s name and ID Number.

In the days following drop-offs, we will send out a second e-mail with an updated list of outstanding library items where applicable.

Thank you so much for your patience and flexibility during this uniquely trying time. Lancer families rock! #ReadGreen

For more information, please visit the TOHS Library Websie:

Reminder to Seniors about your Learn Accounts

Big picture
Big picture

Ways to Stay Connected

In addition to our website (, you can also find us on Facebook. Also, it seems every student group on campus has a Twitter account that will allow you to follow individual groups should you wish to do so. Our school has a great general twitter feed that tweets lots info about the school (@ThousandOaksHS) and I have my own account where I'll tweet my own thoughts and observations about the school (@ewbergmann). Please feel free to follow!