Solving the Clues of Medicine

Got a Clue?

Do you like mysteries or puzzles? Do you like solving problems and figuring out what happened? You should be a Pathologist. Pathologists work in the medical field trying to slove medical mysteries, as well as figure out new treatments for new diseases and illnesses. Persistence, communication skills, and crtial thinking are key to the job. As a pathologist, you can have the chance to discover great scientific discoveries, and advance our world medically.

Average $240,000 a Year

Stay in School

Being a pathologist takes a lot of school work. After coolege, a pathologist must go to medical school. Medical school can take anywhere from four to six years! And that's before you become a real doctor! Pathologists must have a medical degree and at a minimum, a Doctor of Medicine or MD. But if you're going to be a pathologist, hurry up. More and more people are becoming a pathologist. Solve the clues today.