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How do they live their life ?

-- Hinduism --

The religion of Hinfuism is originated in North India near the river Indus about 4,000 years ago and is the oldest existing religion. There is NO FOUNDER of Hinduism. The Hindus follows the caste system. The caste system is divided into hereditary, and occupation social groups there are five general orders, and is come from Lighter skinned Aryans who invaded India and used the caste system to keep themselves in the higher castes, and the native Dravidian and Tamil people in the lowest castes, or Dalit The Untouchables. At the very top of the caste system we have Brahmins, the Brahmins are the priests and also scholars. Second group of people in the caste would be the Kshatriyas, they are the warriors, soldiers, and rulers. Below the Kshatriyas is the Vaisyas, they include people such like the skilled traders, merchants, professionals, and minor officials. Keep in mind these top 3 caste are all Aryans. Next group is the Sudras who are unskilled workers, laborers, and servants. Last group comes the Harijans. They're not part of the caste system, they are the outcastes or they call it the "Untouchables", or "Children of God", this group that could only hold certain, often unpleasant jobs. They would call them the untouchables because anyone in the caste system couldn't have any type of social relationships or any relationships at all.
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The movement of Hindu are India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Indonesia. A brief code of conducts for the Hindus are Noninjury, by not hurting people with your thoughts. Truthfulness would be another, which is no lying and always telling the truth. Nonstealing, not being a thief. Divine Conduct, such as being faithful in relationships and marriage. Patience, restraining intolerance with people and impatience with circumstances. Steadfastness, achieving goals with prayer, purpose and plan. Honesty, not deceiving others. Purity, having a healthy body. Giving, being generous to others.Worship, cultivate devotion through daily worship and meditation.
Instrumental - Gayatri Mantra (Flute,Sitar & Santoor)
Accomplishing the Hindus idea will result in Reincarnation. Reincarnation is when the living dies, its soul moves into another human being or animal another way it could be said is the soul is reborn in a newly created life. Only wise people such as following the Dharma gets reborn into something else. They choose either to live happy or unhappy in their next life by the way they're currently acting in their life right now. Moksha is is the final resting place, this will only happen when a person behaves well through an unknown number of reincarnations til the Moksha is reached. In order to desire Moksha because the soul will be free of all the pain which life brings. After going through Karma ( what goes around comes around. Either good or bad deed) , Dharma, reincarnation, Caste System, the soul will be rested.

How does Hinduism affect the daily lives of its followers ?

This affects Hinduism's followers in many ways, it could be good and bad. It helps the followers do good deeds, telling the truth, respect and such. It also encourages people to do good so they won't suffer later on. The bad way it affects the follower's of the Hinduism is that how the separate people by skin color and how they can't be in contact with the "Untouchables".
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