Panther Paw

Norfolk Jr. High



Snapchat is an app where you communicate with your friends. First, there is a circle on the bottom of the screen. Make sure you make a pose before you click the button. When your picture appears on the screen, tap the screen for a text box. When you're ready to send, you click the arrow button and there is this list of all your friends on one page. To make it easier, there is a best friend list for the people you most snapchat and there is a recent one for the ones where you just start to talk to. If you can't find the person you want to send it to, there is a search bar to search them up, so it won't take so long. Also, if you're not in the mood to take pictures or want to text a paragraph to your friend, you find their name and swipe left. Then there is a text bar so you can text them normally. If the blue button on the right hand side turns from yellow to blue, hold it down so you can also video chat! To see what all your friends are doing that day, there is a thing called stories. When you take a picture and want everyone on your friends list to see it, you add it to your story for 24 hours.

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Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty was sitting on the wall. He got pushed off because he was on private property. He had a great fall and broke his shell. The king couldn't put him back together, so he decided to make himself some breakfast out of Humpty Dumpty. That was the last memory Humpty Dumpty had on this Earth. R.I.P Humpty Dumpty October, 1973- September 25, 1998.

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Stand By Me

Four boys went off onto a search for the lost boy that died from a train hitting him while he was crossing. The boys thought they were going to get a prize to find him,so they went off for two days to search for him. They followed the railroad tracks knowing he will be close. Having ups and downs trying to get there. For example, forgetting food and water. Vern's brother is the one that knew he died, but he just never told anyone and was not planning on it. Vern, the boy, was listening to his brother’s friend and conversation. He was saying you will get a prize if someone finds him. When Vern’s brother was talking to his friends about it, they decided to go search for him taking a car. As four boys were walking and all most there, they found the boy. Right then, the brother and his friends showed up. The boys were going to hurt the other four boys for finding the body. They only have little time to think, what are they going to do?

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Rolfzen Twins

The crowd goes wild as the Rolfzen twins step on the court. The twins grew up in the town Papillion, NE. They were 8th graders when they first started to play volleyball and surprisingly they were the best on their team! They got their school up to class A. When they were freshman, they got to be on varsity. Both of the twins, are first and second best spikers and bumpers on their team. When it comes to senior year, they had to choose, if they wanted to graduate early and start to play volleyball early, or stay to the end and start volleyball late. The twins decided they wanted to to end their school year early, but come back to walk down the aisle with their classmates. When it came to picking which state they wanted to play for, they did not hesitate when it came to Nebraska. They decided to play for their home state good ol’ Nebraska. I know what you're thinking, how do you tell them apart? Well, the Rolfzen twins are as identical as they come. Both stand 6 feet 3 inches tall. They both have freckles on their cheeks and piercing blue eyes. Both play outside hitter for the Nebraska volleyball team. Just because they look the same, does not mean they act or respond the same. One likes to shop til’ they drop, and the other one would rather stay home. Because they are Nebraska volleyball players, does not mean they don't make mistakes, “You can always get better no matter how good you are,” Amber said. All in all, these two girls inspire me the most because of how they came to make it this point of their career.

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