Priscilla and the Wimps

By:Richard Peck


1. In a move of Poetry to save Melvin

2.Hes standing inches away from Priscilla, but since he’d have to look up to her he doesn't

Four Sentences

This story will make you have whole new perspective on bullying.

If you hate bullies this is a story for you.

If you like stories that are comedic and entertaining stories this is for you.

If you like school heroes this story is for you.


Bullying is like a snake it will come back and bite you.


A school gang called the "Cobras" terrorizes the school. Then they bully the wrong person “Melvin” Who is friends with the tallest strongest girl in school.

Rising Action

Melvin gets bullied by a kobra but the big mistake made by the kobra was laying a finger on him when Melvin girlfriend Priscilla was be behind him.


Priscilla and Monk have a talk by the lockers when Monk crosses the line Priscilla Gets angry and beats him up.


Monk gets his payback by getting trapped in he locker for a whole week in the freezing cold weather.

Writing Journal entry

The Kobras came up to me and started to yell at me because I didn't pay the "dwarf tax".

They would ease me almost every day but Priscilla had to get something form her locker and she saw the Kobras messing with me. She came and started scaring them, I didn't have the courage to be there with her i just watched from the side. But when she shoved Monk into a locker I busted out laughing.

Written by Clayton