thank you

Evelyn (Poetry and Visual Arts Editor)

thank you

Thank you to the first one to call me a zipper chest.

And you insulted me first,

Congratulations, you scared me first.

Thank you to one I thought loved me

but ever since second grade,

you’ve been backstabbing me every three months

Thank you to my sixth-grade teacher,

that yelled at me for going home,

less than 72 hours after being discharged.

You all pushed me only in my first sixish years of knowing society's rules for me.

You all made me build my shell.

Thank you to the boy that meet me in twenty-fourteen.

Sure you know some of the pain and I loved you knowing.

Thank you for making me break because I needed to, at the time.

My second mom, my unbiological brother and the first hug from the girl at camp so many years ago.

Thank you to the ignorant and crude ones

Because you have taught me to control my fist even though I want to punch you square in the jaw.


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Evelyn is a Poetry and Visual Arts Editor of Boom Site. She is a junior in high school and is active in the theater and choir departments at her school. She has been writing stories since she was young. She writes poetry and prose and is involved with many creative arts endeavors. Her favorite books include Looking for Alaska by John Green, Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern, and A Separate Peace by John Knowles.

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