Ancient Egypt

By: Ian , Jessica , Leslye , and Zoe

The Ancient Egyptians started when the Old kingdom, Middle kingdom, and New kingdom came together and realized that they need to work together.

The orders of events that lead to the success of Ancient Egypt areas follows during c. 2985-2930 Den was activating a foreign policy, sending an expedition to Nubia. During c. 298i5-2930: innovations were introduced in design of royal burial monument. During c. 2667-2648, architect Imhoptep designed the world's first major stone building, later becoming the pyramid.

One of the important leaders that influenced the Ancient Egyptians was King Menes. Menes was an Ancient Egyptians pharaoh. He came from Hierakonpolis, capital and shrine city of Horus.

A better event happened to the Ancient Egyptians. Hieroglyphic writing began about 5000 years ago. C. 2985-2930, Den purses an active foreign policy. C. 2613-2589, two pyramids were built at Dashur.

Zoe- Archaeologist

Egypt had writing systems called hieroglyphs they are almost 5000 years old , Egyptians have lots of different symbols , and signs .

Pyramids are created by cutting shallow trenches into the bedrock flooding them with water , and also reducing the height if nesscessary .But Egypt didn't have pyramids they had temples, tombs, and palaces .

Many Egyptians use pyramids for the pharaoh's (the king) power , and divinity. Mummies are the most famous in Egypt . Mummies can be found all over the world like Greenland ,China , and all the to the Andes Mountains of South America . Their bodies are so well preseverd well can tell how the look like when they were alive . Most Ancient Egyptians believed mummifying a person's body was safe passage to the afterlife . Many Egyptians became christians and didn't believe in mummification , and the Egyptians gave up on making mummies . The Egyptians also believed in that a mummy was a person with a dried sprit, or soul lived after death .

The Egyptians believed in the myth Ra and Sekehemet . So a little part of this story Ra and Selehemet went like this . Once there was a there was a god named Nun that was Ra father the only job Nun gave Ra was to think of something , and when Ra thought of something it existed . So Ra made people and those people needed a leader so Ra took place in a human form and was a leader to Egypt , he had Egypt in his hands


Ancient Egypt considered their king a god because he was most important to them. The priests were the second most important people to them. The Ancient Egyptians guided the dead to the underworld by writing religious texts. There was a battle between the forces of order and the forces of chaos. The Ancient Egyptians were happy, conservative, optimistic people because their architecture and art show that.

Jessica- Geography

Egyptians is in north wall painting shows ancient Egyptians harvesting their crops will better. Egyptians couptitail carries advice's many and manganeses . 1006 king there luck because we can see many different or ceatures . Egyptians people is small so be beyond the control of human power