December 15 - December 19, 2014

Gingerbread Houses

It was great to see our staff working together on this activity. Everyone enjoyed this time and it was perfect to reflect on how NRES is a family working on a common goal - Our students!

All gingerbread houses were amazing and congratulations to the 4th grade team who won the student votes.

January 5 PD

Please remember to sign up for Monday January 5th in MLP. Please sign up for your appropriate meeting.

  • K-4 Gen Ed, Bilingual and Resource – NRES VESTED “Transform”
  • P.E. Coaches – KMS
  • Fine Arts – FHMS
  • STACC / Medically Fragile – Annex
  • Librarians – Florence Elem
  • ESL Teachers – Texas 2
  • GT Teachers – CTI GT Room
  • Dyslexia – Ed Center 2&3
  • Counselor – Home Campus
  • ESA – TMI – Library
  • Speech Therapists - PHI
  • Para’s needing initial T CPI - Board Room (If needed)
  • Para’s CPI Refresher – CTI Café (If needed)

Campus Winter Break Hours

December 20 & 21 – Saturday/Sunday – Closed

December 22 – 24 – Monday-Wednesday – Open 6:00am – 7:00pm

Christmas Day – Closed

December 26 – 28 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Closed

December 29 – 31 – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Open 6:00am – 7:00pm

New Year’s Day – Closed

January 2, 3, 4 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Open 6:00am – 7:00pm

Winter Break Energy Shutdown

Before we rush out the door on Dec 19th for that long break we’ve all been looking forward to, please to take a few minutes to ensure our rooms are completely shut down in order to minimize energy costs over the holiday.

A copy of the Shutdown Checklist will be placed in your box and then on Friday after the last class leaves and as you leave, perform each item on the checklist, sign it and tape it to the outside of your door indicating that your classroom is shut down for the break.

Penny War Winners

Ms. Armoogam's class was the winner and Ms. Robertson won the Jean's pass for the month of January. Ms. Armoogam's class will tape Oliver on the wall next to the library from 10:30 to 10:50.

Dyslexia Clues

Don’t forget rhyme time at home! Dyslexic Children have trouble penetrating the sound structure of words and as a result are less sensitive to rhyme. Sensitivity to rhyme implies an awareness that words can be broken down into smaller segments of sound and that different words may share a sound in common; it is a very early indicator of getting ready to read. Children’s familiarity with nursery rhymes turns out to be a strong predictor of their later success in reading.

Thank you!

Mrs. Barbara Acosta

Dyslexia Teacher

Istation: Is my class doing Ok?

There are many factors that can affect how students perform on Istation such as lack of focus, technology problems, and student's personal problems. To minimize these factors, please ensure students are being closely monitored when you are in the computer lab.

Ideally, our campus should have 70% on TIER 1, 20% on TIER 2, and 10% on TIER 3. Please look at the graphs below to see how our campus performed in December. What action steps can you take to have 70% of your class on TIER 1?

Big image
Big image
Big image


Additional funds have been allocated which will allow us to begin tutoring. Please read below to determine who will be in your groups and submit your names to Julie for approval. Permission slips can be sent home this week so tutoring can start the week of Dec. 8th.

If you plan to tutor, students should be:

1. Either in Tier 2 or 3 of the RTI process.

2. Be progressed monitored with fidelity.

3. May have been retained.

4. Failed one or more STAAR Test. (3rd or 4th grade).

5. May be considered At Risk by KISD standards. (not TEXAS 13 criteria)

Holiday Spirit

Monday: Crash Cart full of yumminess (wear jeans)

Tuesday: Holiday head- gear and your jeans

Wednesday: Warm up Wednesday (wear sweats)

Thursday: Wear an ugly sweater and jeans

Friday: Holiday shirt with Jeans

Big image

Weekly Spirit Stick Attendance Winners!

Kindergarten: Ms. Bryant's class with 100% present!

First grade: Ms. Fitzgerald's class with 98.82% present!

Second grade: Ms. Rogish's class with 100% present!

Third grade: Ms. Armoogam's class with 98.82% present!

Fourth grade: Ms. Quijano's class with 100% present!

Reminders and Expectations!

  • December 16: PLC in GLC's room.
  • December 17: Spelling Bee at 8:30am (3rd and 4th grade).
  • December 17: Santa at NRES at 11:00am.
  • December 18: Fossil Hill Winter Concert. Limo Ride.
  • December 18: Leadership meeting at 3:20pm.
  • December 19: Polar Express day
  • December 19: Progress Reports Due
  • December 19: Food for the Soul Distribution (8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.)
Big image

Where is Everyone this Week?

Monday 15: Everyone on Campus.

Tuesday 16: Jackie @ Title 1 meeting in the morning.

Wednesday 17: Jackie @ Principal's meeting all day.

Thursday 18: Everyone on Campus .

Friday 19: Everyone on Campus.

Staff Birthdays

December 26 - Jayne Jackson

December 28 - Cheryl Kneblik

Staff Suggestions From Last Week

1. "Several people have been talking about the black Leadership booklet we received last week. Not to be negative, but many are wondering how much that cost the district to make? Could it not have been smaller? Could they not put more of the pages together to consolidate it? Just wondering."

ANSWER: The booklet is made at District level.

2. Please slow down the tempo when reciting the pledges during morning announcements! We are trying to teach our students proper flag etiquitte and it is difficult when you speak so fast.

ANSWER: Our anchors have been made aware of it. Thank you!

Staff Celebrations From Last Week

Thank you for the "12 Days of Christmas" with jeans!
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