POHW Before poster

By: Evan Bernard

1) Hollis's Outlook on life

In the beginning , Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes.

2) Hollis's toughnest

In the beginning, she was this tough girl with a bad rep for running away.

I called her lemon lady because her mouth was carved in page 2

3) Joise's weirdnest

In the beginning, Hollis thought Joise was crazy and weird.

she had a knife in her hand page 7

4) Joise's memory loss

In the beginning, she had a bad memory loss, but not that bad

she has a tendency to forget page 72

5) Steven vs Old man

In the beginning, They fought a lot and Hollis thought she was the problem.

And the arguing between Steven and the Old man, I messed up this whole family page 136

6) The Truck

In the beginning, the truck was not smash like a hamburger.

i'm driving a pick-up truck page 61

7) Josie vs Beatrice

In the beginning, they were very good friends kinda like sisters

This beatrice my cousin and best lifetime friend page 34