Egg Drop



Before Aleyna and I started building we didn't know that our contraption was going to be an unexpected invention thingy. At least we found a name for it, we ended up naming it Ethan.

1. Defining the Problem or Opportunity

Problem/Opportunity: Building a contraption using certain materials (chosen by Mr. Landers) that would keep the small, fragile egg safe while dropping from an astonishing 40-60 ft. in the air!

How we attempted to solve the problem: Aleyna and I attempted to solve the problem by brainstorming. Then, when we had part of an idea we randomly started tinkering with the supplies we had.

2. Brainstorming

Brainstormed Ideas: A cup with a simple parachute or a cup over a cup with a lot of padding...I know, the ideas were pretty simple...

Chosen Idea: Wweeellll....we were going to pick the cup with the parachute...but SOME ONE decided to go with the cup over cup idea..

3. Models or Prototypes

After we chose our idea (the cup over cup one) we started building it. We used 2 paper cups, part of Styrofoam cup, masking tape, a plastic egg filled with marbles, and packaging peanuts.

Aleyna and I took a paper cup, put the plastic egg inside, and put packaging peanuts around it. Then we put Styrofoam in the bottom of the other cup and put the cup with the Styrofoam over the cup with the egg and taped them together.

4. Test and Evaluate

We tested our contraption thingy by simply dropping it from slightly over 5 ft. in the air. After picking it up we opened it and checked on the egg to see if it was broken or not and it wasn't the first 5 times until SOME ONE started throwing it to the ground...

5. Improvement

Aleyna and I improved our invention by adding more Styrofoam and cotton balls and more tape.

Honestly our egg would have died if it weren't for the guy who dropped the contraptions and Ben Tanke's invention thing. The person who dropped the eggs didn't know that ours was separate from everybody else's so he accidentally put ours into Ben's.

Changes or Suggestions

If we had to do this again, I honestly would use different cups, stronger tape, and something else to pad the eggs.

By the way....I know I look horrible in the photo :( ^