Automotive Mechanic

Tristan Marshall


  1. The median annual for mechanics and automotive technicians was 37,120 in 2014, the highest earns in the field made about 62,280, while the longest pay took at 20,800.(how)
  2. Top earners in the profession work in the following industries; natural gas distribution, couriers and express delivery services, and other fabricated metal product manufacturing.(how)
  3. The best compensated mechanics work in the metropolitan areas of Fairbanks, Alaska ; San Francisco; and San Jose, California.(how)


  1. Mechanics typically need a high school diploma, they should take automotive repair, electronic computers, mathematics, and English.(Locsin)
  2. Employers typically demand for 1 year of training for auto mechanic positions. These programs take anywhere from 6 to 12 months and are available from technical schools, community colleges, auto dealerships and car manufactures.(Locsin)
  3. The longer training period will help you prepare mechanics to work on a wider range vehicle systems.(Locsin)


  1. An education in mechanical engineering opens up a number of career possibilities.(Fornen)
  2. Duties typically include designing tools and machines such as generators, turbine, refrigeration equipment, engines, industrial gear, elevators and robots.(Fornen)
  3. Most jobs for mechanical engineers require a bachelor's degree in engineering or a similar field but some engineers obtain additional credentials.(Fornen)


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