Hawaii Senate Race

With the Presidential election just around the corner you may jut be focusing on that, but other important elections are taking place elsewhere as well. The Hawaii senate race is happening right as you read this and it greatly affects the state of Hawaii. You may thing, "Why should i care about Hawaii?" Well this elected person is going to take a senate seat in congress and have a say in what laws are passed and declined. You better hope the state of Hawaii chooses wisely. Now here are the two candidates.
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Mazie Hirono

Hirono is a democrat as well as the first elected buddhist into the congress. She believes in big government and higher taxation in order to help our economy out of its hole. Hirono believes that the way to create even more jobs is through a visa reforms. This means she wants to let foreign people with a specific job set have jobs in Hawaii. Another example of something she wants is “equal pay for equal work” which means that if a co-worker is making more than you, and you think that it’s because of race, sex etc. then you will get payed the same. Lastly she wants to implement a plan that helps those that have no work or or out of work get money, to have a roof over their head, and food on their table. She says that it will be used in emergency situations for those who desperately need it. Both of the candidates make good points and really want to help the state of Hawaii and the nation as a whole. Only one will win though, and only time will tell. You can read more about her plan on her website http://hirono.house.gov/
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Linda Lingle

Lingle is a republican so she believes in less government power and more freedom for the people to make their own decisions.ow they go about implementing the rest of the economic issues are different though. Lingel wants to make the tax code fair and easy to understand so the average man can understand it. She also wants to avoid any policies that hinder the growth of jobs. she wants to get rid of them so the nation can see how the economy reacts when tons of new jobs are created. Another thing Lingle wants to do is tighten immigration. She believes the with the economic growth at the rate it is, we will need to rely on foreign countries to pump out our smartest people. She wants to Education department to grow so that we can harbor the smartest people, not a foreign country. It's a tough choice between the two candidates, and we can only wait to see what happens. You can learn more about here on her website. http://www.lingle2012.com/


This race is going to be a close one for sure. There’s going to be a lot of heads butting and dirty campaign commercials going out. In the end i think the victor will be Mazie Hirono. She puts up a strong fight with lots of good points. Even though I don’t agree with Both candidates seems to know what they’re doing, but right now and a little into the future Hirono will have the majority of the votes. I think the reason she is going to win is simple, she is putting up the best option for those who may not be as wealthy in Hawaii or those who are heavily affected by the economic decline. The people see Hirono as an opportunity to get

breathing room as they were crushed by the economic decline. They want to elect Hirono because she is going to give support money to those who have been out of work and making no money. She is also creating new jobs that build bridges and roads that can benefit the state and the economy. This creates tons of new jobs for the jobless. With her proposing this proposition, voters find it easy to vote for her.

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