Kings County Arts in Action

January 2023 Edition

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Our Purpose

Arts education, which includes visual arts, music, drama, and media arts, is an important part of a well-rounded education. This newsletter serves to highlight the amazing work with the arts being done by school districts within our county.

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The Region 7 Highway 99 Arts Summit is open for registration (see flyer below). Participants will receive specialized materials and be able to participate in a variety of breakout sessions in the areas of visual arts, media arts, dance, literary arts, and theatre . There will also be special performances and student work from around the region on display.
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Arts Education Throughout Kings County

Congratulations 2023 Honor Band Participants!

The Tulare-Kings Music Educators Association will be holding their 2023 Honor Bands in Concert performance on February 4, 2023. Several students from Kings County programs will represent their schools:

High School Honor Band

  • Esmeralda Rubio Reyes, Hanford High School
  • Phoenix Atilano, Lemoore High School
  • Angela Estrada, Hanford West High School
  • Eileen Hernandez, Hanford West High School
  • Kayla McMath, Lemoore High School
  • Matthew Rayburn, Hanford West High School
  • Alexa Smith, Lemoore High School
  • Dharma Vazquez, Lemoore High School
  • Kayla Peak, Lemoore High School
  • Timothy Berkenkamp, Lemoore High School
  • Brandon Vasquez, Hanford West High School
  • Abel Ramirez, Hanford West High School
  • Masen Davis, Hanford West High School
  • Oscar Luna Amaya, Hanford West High School
  • Isabella Garcia, Sierra Pacific High School
  • Fernando Medina, Hanford West High School
  • Ryan Latham, Hanford West High School
  • Makennah Callow, Hanford West High School
  • Connor Buckley, Lemoore High School
  • Hannah Fry, Lemoore High School
  • Bryson Gonzales, Hanford West High School
  • Jacob Rider, Hanford West High School

Middle School/Junior High Honor Band

  • Sydney Bales - Liberty Middle School
  • Gabriella Matteson - John F. Kennedy Junior High School
  • Nora Donovan - Woodrow Wilson Junior High School
  • Andrea Rizo Tinoco - Woodrow Wilson Junior High School
  • Ivan Morales - Woodrow Wilson Junior High School
  • Eli Cabigao - Liberty Middle School
  • Collin Belt - Jefferson Academy
  • Buddy Brasel III - Woodrow Wilson Junior High School
  • Brenna Hull - Liberty Middle School
  • Elizabeth Vonder Ahe-Cossey - Liberty Middle School
  • Aurora Morshead - Liberty Middle School
  • Zackary Ortuzar - Liberty Middle School
  • Juan Valle - John F. Kennedy Junior High School
  • Leo Amador - Liberty Middle School
  • Aaron Lopez - Woodrow Wilson Junior High School
  • Joselyne Vega - Woodrow Wilson Junior High School
  • Nathan Durbin - Woodrow Wilson Junior High School
  • Haddon Jay - Jefferson Academy
  • Evan Valdeabella - Liberty Middle School

Hanford West Huskywood Program

"Huskywood" students enrolled in Advanced Video Production at Hanford West High School have entered into the production phase of their Creative Careers Leadership Lab (CCLL) short film challenge. Director and Screenwriter Joseph Aguirre listens in on the acting performance of Estaban Nava Nunez and Angel Zaragoza, while Director of Photography Jovanie Bello pulls focus between the two actors in an amazingly emotional story of brothers learning to move on after the loss of a parent. The small crew constructed a green screen surrounding the vehicle so the background can be replaced with street motion in post production, and a simple garden hose provided rain on demand to create a realistically sad rainy day. It's hard to tell as equipment is wrapped in plastic, however there are 3 cameras in place as well as additional lighting to help the actors pop on camera.

Short film challenges like this allow students to perform in front of a statewide audience, utilizing skills learned in class and extending into much larger projects than could even be attempted during a typical school day. CCLL is a Career and Technical Student Organization Pilot focusing on connecting students to careers in the field of Arts, Media, and Entertainment. Students have been able to meet with industry professionals remotely and receive coaching on meeting industry standards. For this project, students created original scripts and storyboards as part of their pre-production, and will complete their work editing in Adobe Premier Pro, an industry standard software. CCLL Challenge films will be showcased at the upcoming GRID conference in March.

Pioneer Middle School Pre-Break Arts

In Ms. McCaslin's seventh grade art classes at Pioneer Middle School, students have been working to achieve mastery over balancing positive and negative space. The students also focused on the principles of pattern and rhythm to add more variety to their masterpieces. Advanced Art students have been studying modern art movements spanning from about the 1950's to the present! We took a close look at Pop Art and the students used this art style to help them gain a deeper understanding of color relativity. Their work can be seen below.

"Paris" Self-Portrait

From Mr. Holcomb's Ceramics Course at Hanford West High School.

JC Montgomery CTE/Project Based Learning

Students enrolled at JC Montgomery have an opportunity to participate in a Multimedia Production Career Technical Education course. Recently, students created promotional videos for several nonprofits who frequently work with the students at JCM. Below is the promotional video they created for Urbanists Collective, a nonprofit dedicated to community engagement through the arts. The video students created can be seen below.

Urbanists Collective Promotional Video - JCM Multimedia Production Class

Hanford High Artists Develop Their Skills

Students in Ms. Bejarano's art classes at Hanford High School have been working on the following projects. Their work can be seen below.

  • Art 1 shaded spheres with patterned backgrounds
  • Art 2 students created portraits and achromatic paintings
  • Art 3 created abstract watercolor designs using a variety of techniques
  • Art 2 and 3 also created independently designed pieces as part of their finals
  • Art 4 students selected a favorite artist and created pieces that emulated those artists

Hanford West Choir and Musical Theatre Programs Connect with the Community

Hanford West High School Choir and Musical Theatre served the community through song in several ways last semester:

  • HW Musical Theatre students scared patrons at the Haunted House sponsored by the Hanford Chamber of Commerce in the Hanford Mall.
  • The HW Choir sang at the the Grand Opening Ceremony of the new United Health Center in Hanford.
  • During the holidays, HW Choir and Musical Theatre students performed at the Grand Opening of Hanford's Winter Wonderland, as well as, several holiday events throughout the city.

Corcoran High School Arts Exploration

At Corcoran High School, students learned about Value, its characteristics & the emotional properties as well as to use it effectively when creating their own art. Below are washes in which students experimented non-objectively with a monochromatic palette. Sighting was also covered in three stages using Picasso’s bull stylized drawing. Students also read about Alberto Giacometti to find out why he created thin elongated sculptures. Then, students created a sculpture that reflected making out society stronger.

Tamarack Elementary School Winter Performances

Hanford High School Ceramics and Arts

Students in Mr. Brauckman's art classes have created a variety of pieces recently:

  • Art 1 students worked on Linear Perspective in a Haunted Environment
  • Ceramics 1 students created whistles
  • Ceramics 2 students created face and skull mugs
  • AP Art 2 students designed artwork in pencil
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Lemoore High School Winter Projects

In December, Entertainment Design students finished painting the set for A Christmas Carol, and held three performances in the Lemoore High School Auditorium. Drawing 2 students deepened their understanding of value and contrast with scratchboard art projects. In addition, they worked in groups to create storylines that became storyboards. Advanced Art students created surrogate self-portraits using objects that represent them and their interests. In preparation for the upcoming Young Masters competition, students also learned how to frame their artworks to make them gallery-ready.

Akers Medium and Techniques Study

Akers School students worked on various portrait media and techniques ranging from grid drawings with pencil, chalk drawings and oil pastel drawings. While all ages from 1st grade on up participated, the drawings below are from 6th-8th grade.

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Statewide Opportunities to Showcase Student Arts

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Arts Resources for Educators

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General Resources

The VAPA committee has compiled a list of resources for arts educators.

The Kings County Office of Education VAPA website has resources and information about the arts in Kings County.

Arts Framework Resources

CCSESA Arts Initiative has provided resources for arts educators to utilize as they navigate the newly adopted arts framework. Here is the link to access these resources.

Arts Based Podcasts and YouTube Channels

Click the links below to connect with podcasts and YouTube channels dedicated to arts education, including one produced by Liberty Middle School teacher Rob Bentley:

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Next KCOE Arts Update

The next arts newsletter will be published at the end of February. Submissions may be sent to Liz Norris. Districts and sites are responsible for verifying that photos may be publicly released. Photos should be submitted in groupings of three due to the gallery format of S'more (preferably as jpgs or pngs). Videos of live performances may also be accepted.