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Forest Grove Elementary School

Welcome Back Forest Grove Students and Families!

I'm happy to be here after a five year absence and am grateful to have been able to job-share with Zoe Roach while my daughter was a wee one. Now that she has started Kindergarten, I am back full time at both Robert Down and Forest Grove Elementary Schools. I want to personally thank Zoe for her dedication and commitment to the Forest Grove community. She has been a wonderful collaborator in addition to a good friend.

The school counseling program at Forest Grove works to serve all students and the larger school community through both individual, group and classroom guidance counseling. As a student advocate, I recognize the uniqueness and personal worth of each child. My job is to support the social and emotional growth of our students so that they feel connected to their school community and confident in their ability to learn.

Listed below is this year's school counseling calendar of events. For those of you new to our school, 'Peas In A Pod' is a counseling based program that brings our school community together to discuss different topics that pertain to parenting. There are two parent only events and two events for both parents and children. These events are a favorite of mine because I love meeting our parents, talking about parenting and being a part of a community that supports one another. Raising kids is hard but supporting one another is easy and gives us the boost to keep moving forward despite the obstacles we might face on this great parenting adventure.

My office hours are below. Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have questions about the school counseling program at Forest Grove.


Sonda Frudden, School Counselor

Forest Grove Elementary (831)646-6560 X126

Tuesday, Thursday am, Friday

Robert Down Elementary (831) 646-6540 X139

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday pm

Counseling Program Calendar 2017/18

August 2017

* Classroom guidance visits & introductions to new students.

*Begin individual and small group counseling.

*Movin' & Groovin' Lunch Group:

Tuesday during lunch beginning August 22. Movin' & Groovin' is for all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who are new to our school. KG-2 grades can join 'Ready-Set-Go' or a 'Friendship Group.' Please call or email to learn more about these groups.

September 2017

*Morning Coffee With the Counselor - Tuesday, September 12th from 8:30-9:30am

Come join me for the three C's: Coffee,Community & Conversation.

Outside the Forest Grove Library

*Peas In A Pod: Welcoming Picnic for New Students & Families.

Saturday, September 16th from 11:30am-1:30pm

Caledonia Park, Pacific Grove.

Flyers sent home. If you would like another one, please email me.

*Promoting Kindness presentations to all students in PE classes.

October 2017

*Introduction to HearMath curriculum

HeartMath is a classroom guidance curriculum that helps students learn key tools to help develop the motivation, focus, and strategies to neutralize performance inhibiting blocks-such as anxiety, frustration, boredom, and resignation. This curriculum is offered to grades 3-5 during school hours.

November 2017

*Peas In A Pod: Tuesday, November 14th from 6-7pm. Forest Grove Library

Developing A Growth Mindset In Our Children and In Ourselves.

This is a parent only event. Childcare will be available. Facilitated by the School Counselor.

Look for flyers in early November.

December 2017

*Kindness Books Announced

Two books will be announced for the 'Peas In a Pod' parent and child book discussion event in January. These books will celebrate kindness.

*Happy Holidays!

January 2018

*Peas In A Pod: Tuesday, January 16th from 6-7pm. Forest Grove Library

A Book Discussion Group for Parents and Children Celebrating Kindness.

The books will be announced in December. PJ's welcomed. Facilitated by the School Counselor.

*Great Kindness Challenge: Monday January 22-26

A week of student organized kindness stations and activities. Please come and join us for some of these events.

*Coffee with the Counselor: Tuesday, January 23 from 8:30-9:30

Please join me for the three C's and a K: Coffee, Community, Conversation, Kindness.

Outside the Forest Grove Library

March 2018

*Peas In A Pod: Tuesday, March 20 from 6-7 pm. Forest Grove Library.

Learning to Love the Challenge: How to let go so our children can succeed.

This is a parent only event. Childcare will be available. Facilitated by the School Counselor.

April & May 2018

*5th grade Career Unit: Career discovery activity presentation to all 5th grade students

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