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A Thematic Look at 1984

Thematic Statement

In this area, I would like you to write a few paragraphs addressing the treatment and development of this theme throughout the course of the novel. You can draw on ideas, questions, and quotes in the packet, but you are NOT just copying it. Can break this into several sections if you wish, or leave it all as one.


If you didn't point out specific lines of text in the section above, I would like you to do that in it's own section. What lines from the book directly connect to your theme? Explain the meaning behind the words.

Add Mulitmedia Content

Do some internet research to find some linking content to add. This might be links to websites or news articles, pictures, videos, etc. You must add at least one item, but you are free to add more than that!

Flyer Design

Change the background, colors, fonts, style, etc. so they are appropriate to your theme.