Conversion Disorder

By Mikayla Robertson

Basic Description

Conversion disorder is when you show psychological stress in physical ways. Typically it affects your movement of your senses such as walking, swallowing, and hearing. Most signs and symptoms occur with no underlying cause. Its seen as a mental condition that cant be explained though medical evaluation.


- weakness/ paralysis
- abnormal movement
- seizure or convulsions
-loss of balance
-difficulty swallowing (lump in throat)
-numbness or loss of touch
- speech problems
-vision problems
-hearing problems


Conversion disorder is triggered by a stressful event or emotional conflict. It can also be caused by other mental health disorders such as depression. However it could also could be the brains way of reacting immediately to something that it sees as a threat.


The diagnosis for conversion disorder may be linked to stressful events or trauma which can either be physical or psychological. The symptoms aren't fully explained and one or more cant be controlled which is usually in your movement or your senses.


Simple tests- Doesn't require ant special equipment and are quick and painless. The doctor checks for normal reflexes.
X-rays or other imagery tests- These are tests that might help the doctor confirm that your symptoms are caused by an injury.
EEG scan- This test can help rule out a neurological cause of seizure symptoms.