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The Information on The Tiger

location: The Tiger lives South-East Asia in forest and Mountains.

food: The Tiger eats mostly antelope and deer.

life: The Tiger lived 20 years old.

The Tiger looks like this:

1. Tiger reddish-orange with black stripes.

2.Body length: up to 1.6 meters.

3.Tail length: up to 1 m.

4.Weight: 25-90 kg.

The behavior of the tiger:

1.He often climb trees, pretty impressive leap fitness, agility and his run fast.

2.Tiger goes hunting for the night. while hunting strangles its prey by a bite in the neck.


1.Tiger breeding season is in the summer. Pregnancy lasts for three months, and finally the female gives birth to Between two and five puppies.

2.When the tiger fifteen to twenty months he leaves his family.

Typs of Tiger

1.Panthera pardus pardus- נמר אפריקאי

2.Panthera pardus orientalis-נמר סיבירי

3.Panthera pardus tulliana-נמר גלילי

4.Panthera pardus nimr- נמר ערבי

5.Panthera pardus panthera-נמר ברבארי

6.Panthera pardus saxicolor-נמר פרסי

7.Panthera pardus fusca- נמר הודי

8.Panthera pardus delacouri-נמר הודו-סין

9.Panthera pardus mela-נמר ג'אווה

10.Panthera pardus japonensi-נמר צפון-סין

11.Panthera pardus jarvisi-נמר סיני

12.Panthera pardus kotiya-נמר סרי-לנקה

13.Panthera pardus adersi-נמר זנזיבר

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