Black Widow

By Trinity St-John

Are Black Widow carnivion ?

When black widow have there baby they eat the male black widow because the female get hunger so they eat male because they get hunger .

what do black widows webs made of ?

Black widow is made of stuff like glow that can catch there food so they can eat and all so the black widow's web looks cool when there is rine drops .

What do black widows eat ?

Black widows eat a lot a insects so that can stay a live .

How small can a black widows eggs look like ?

A black widows eggs are smaller than a dime and it is thicer than a dime.

do black widows camilflosh ?

Yes black widows are camilflosh so they can stay a live .

Are black widows daderis ?

Sametimes black widows can be daderis .

How long do black widows have to live ?

They have to 8 years to live .

Do black widow hied ?

Yes they do hied but they hied in worm dark plases .