ESC-20 Social Studies

Consultant Pre-K - 12

How I Can Help You!

I'm Ana Villarreal Simpson, Consultant for Social Studies Pre-K-12 at Education Service Center, Region 20. There is a focus on tested grade levels and content and we understand the challenges districts face. We also know it is crucial for students to receive Pre-Kindergarten through grades 12 instruction in Social Studies. Social Studies helps students connect to their world and provides them the opportunity to develop the ability to think critically, make informed decisions, and become an active citizen of the world. Concepts and skills at each grade level help lay the foundation and connections to greater understandings as the student moves forward in their education. As an educator, I have experience in Elementary and Secondary as well as an instructional coach. I also have my Principal certification and am prepared to offer a wide range of support through professional development and on-going campus instructional coaching. I can provide content audits, data analysis, resources, sheltered instruction support, and technical assistance. I'm ready to help you build a strong and comprehensive approach for social studies instruction to meet the educational needs of those you serve. Please reach out to me if you need any assistance. I also customize my work to help you be effective and in line with your district priorities.

Ana Villarreal Simpson

Consultant for Social Studies

Education Service Center, Region 20