What I love project

by: Victoria Hammock

The things I love

Well i picked all these pictures because it is simply the things I love to do. It is intresting to me because well its what I love
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Job oppurtiunties

I picked this picture because I love my friends and yet, this picture. I also love find it intresting that we all look so fancy! The job oppurtunites Is ee here is doing someting more with my life, I could even be a singer or a producer of some sort.
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Job oppurtuties

I picked this picture because, I enjoy horses and this senory. The picture is intresting to me becauase I edited to make the horses the center where everything is fading into it. I enHorse trainer, Photographer
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job oppurtunties

I picked this comic because I am a huge fanatic of the hunger games book sereis! And the movies. It is intresting because it is from the first movie which i ny so much <3.Comic writer, movie producer.
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Job oppurtunties

I picked this picture because this is the lake at my barn, which I really enjoy fishing at! It is intresting because of its view. The job oppurtnties I see here are fisherman or conoer.
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Job opurtunties

I picked this picture because I absouletly love my dog! And it is intresting because my dog tends to make this face a lot! The two job oppurtunitys i see here are a vet or vet tech.

Job oppurtunities

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job oppurtunites

I picked this picture because I enjoy horses and looking through there tiny ears!To me this picture is intresting becuase I see everything ahead through the horses ears which makes me think of a diffrent perspective. Gardener, Stable hand.