Women's Fashion


The Beginning of Modern Fashion.

The 1920s is the decade in which fashion entered the modern era. It was the decade in which women first abandoned the more restricting fashions of past years and began to wear more comfortable clothes.


The flapper stereotype is one of short bobbed or shingled hair, straight loose knee-length dresses with a dropped waistline, silk or rayon stockings with garters, heavy makeup, and long beaded necklaces. Flappers are also associated with Jazz and 1920,s dances like the Charleston.

Women's Clothing


The early 1920's witnessed a major change in women's hairstyles from the traditional long-hair styles of the Victorian era in the nineteenth century to new short-hair styles like the bob. The original straight, plain, and relatively simple short bobbed hair styles of the early 1920's were transformed into much more interesting and feminine bobs with stylish curls and waves.

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