JCMS Team 2 Newsletter

Week of September 2, 2019

What's going on in class?


Another week down! This week in math we have finished our first seven lessons over ratios. Our first quiz of the year will be on Friday. The class completed a study guide in class that they will be able to use as a resource for the quiz. The students have done well with the first set of lessons, participating in small group discussions as well as providing good input during class discussions. Have a good weekend!

Language Arts

Wow, week four is already over! The school year is progressing quickly and so are our students! This week in Language Arts we continued "marking the text" and had a quiz. We started reading our first unit text which is a speech given by Steve Jobs. We will be using this text for approximately a month and it will serve as evidence for our first essay which will be due towards the beginning of October.

Next week we will continue analyzing the speech and discussing character traits which will be the basis of the essay. We will also have two quizzes. They will be over capitalization and writing claims. Both of these topics have already been introduced to the students and they have been practicing each week in the "Paragraph of the Week".

I would also like to let parents know that students will soon have a long term substitute teacher in Language Arts while I go on maternity leave. There is not a set date for this to begin but we will communicate with you and have more details at a later time.


This week Team 2 Scientists completed their work on Standard ESS2-4, and began the ESS 2-6. The essential question we are trying to answer is, “How does unequal heating of the Earth and Earth’s rotation determine regional climates?” We are starting this by looking at how currents impact climate, and will expand from there next week. Please anticipate an exit ticket quiz on either Monday or Tuesday.

Students will continue to work on an Article of the Week (AOTW) as their bell work. These will always be due on the fourth day of the week (usually Thursdays). I have also had a large number of no name papers. If your student has a missing assignment, there is a good possibility it may be in that stack if they think they turned it in. Finally, in addition to an interactive science notebook (INB), students have a science textbook that they can leave in the classroom or take home nightly. This textbook is for their use – students may highlight, underline, and answer questions in it. We will be using textbooks, interactive notebooks, and Schoology on a regular basis in the classroom so all should be brought to class every day.

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, we wrapped up our first unit of the year which covered the history of early humans. On Tuesday we focused on a 5,000-year-old man from the Neolithic Era called Otzi the Iceman. On Wednesday the students studied and created their own cave art. On Friday we took a quiz over early humans, and this marks the last day of that unit. Next week we will begin learning about Mesopotamia and the beginnings of human civilization.


Students of the Week!

Each week teachers will be nominating Team 2 students who demonstrate good character, work ethic, leadership, and or overall growth/ improvements. Below are our Students of the Week!

What parents need to know...

No Name Papers

We have had several no name papers turned in this year. If a student thinks they turned in an assignment but it shows missing in the grade book it is likely they didn't put a name on it. Please remind your child to always put their name, class, and hour on their papers.

Emergency Drills & Procedures

JCMS will be conducting several emergency drills in the coming weeks. Procedures are discussed and practiced with the students so they can best be prepared in case of an emergency.

Support JCMS & Buy a Shirt

The JCMS Parent Support Group is selling JCMS t-shirts and hoodies that were designed by a JCMS student. The proceeds from these shirts will go toward Teacher Grants and the Renaissance Program.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to become involved in this group.


GROW Student Opportunity!

This fall there is an opportunity for JCMS students to spend a day at Kansas State University while attending a GROW (Girls Researching Our World) workshop. The fall workshop will be October 12 from 9am-3:30pm at the K-State campus in Manhattan. The theme is “It’s Elemental, Dr. Watson!” in honor of the International Year of the Periodic Table and 150 years since the discovery of the periodic system. Activities will explore how the chemical elements continue to be important across STEM disciplines today. Example activities include a look at the elements needed in a healthy diet, macronutrients in soil science, and the periodic table as an art form.

Junction City Middle School can send up to 40 students (this event is geared toward girls, but anybody can go) attend
It will be basically be first come, first serve so if students are interested they should return the consent form immediately. If selected to attend with JCMS, the $30 registration fee will be paid for by USD 475. Students will be bused from JCMS to Kansas State University and Mrs. Russell (7th grade science teacher) will attend with them for the day. Parents will only need to pick up and drop off from Junction City Middle School at the designated times. I would love to see as many Team 2 students as possible attend!


If you have not yet signed up for our Remind text messages yet we encourage you to do so. We will typically send out nightly homework assignments and other reminders through this system.
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Team 2 Expectations

Team 2 is consistent in our expectations in all our courses to create the best and most conducive learning environment for all students. We create these expectations and go over them multiple times with the team to insure that all students are able to be successful. We encourage you to review the expectations and discuss them with your student.


Students will be sending out weekly grade updates each Friday via e-mail. Please make sure your student has your email address as well as it being updated in Skyward. Parents will also have access to student grades at all times through the Skyward website or app. If you are unable to access Skyward please contact the office for further help.

Upcoming Events

10/14- No School

10/21- Student Led Conference

10/22- Student Led Conference

10/23- Student Led Conference

10/25- No School

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