The Sun

A Smore On The Layers Of The Sun

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There Are 6 Major Layers Of The Sun

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  • Core
  • Radiative Zone
  • Convective Zone
  • Photosphere
  • Chromosphere
  • Corona

The Core

The Core of the Sun extends from the center to about 20%-25% of the entire solar radius. It is incredibly dense and is where all of the nuclear fusion, the Sun's life sustaining life force, occurs. The temperature of the core is about 15.7 million Kelvin (K).
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Radiative Zone

The radiative zone is not nearly as dense as the core, and is the layer of the sun where heat and energy created by the core is radiated out, as there is not enough of a temperature difference for there to be noticeable convection. The temperature does drop to about 2 million Kelvin with distance from the core.
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Convective Zone

The convective zone is the layer that extends from the radiative zone almost to the surface of the sun. Due to the temperature and mass of this layer, radiation is not as effective as it was, and convection begins instead. Plasma located next to the radiative zone is heated up and begins to rise, carrying the heat to the surface where it is released into space. The now cool plasma then sinks to pick up more heat and repeat the cycle. The temperature has now dropped to about 5,700 K.
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The visible surface of the Sun, where white light and heat is emitted. It is thousands of kilometers thick and sits at a temperature of about 6,000 Kelvin
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