Athena Weisler

Future career: Teaching

Foothill High School

800 College Dr., Henderson, Nevada 89141. Phone (702)-799-3500 Latitude: 36° 2'22.29" n Longitude: 114° 58'54.20" w. (Longitude and latitude of Henderson, Nevada).

Clark County

Salary and Job Description

Salary: $33,759-$78,100

Total pay: $32,920-$73,377

Job Description: Expected to have communication skills, confidence, understanding others, able to deal with conflict, team work, organization skills, motivation skills, empathize with students, being able to give feedback. Must be able to Plan lessons for class, adapt lessons to class size, etc., evaluate students strengths and weaknesses, grade assignments, prepare students for tests, supervise students outside of classroom.

Some great, intresting places in Nevada near or in Henderson

Guareenteed to be a good job in great place!!!!!!!!!!!


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Average cost of living in Henderson, Nevada vs, Junction city, Kansas.

Henderson's Livability is an 81 next to Junction city's 77.

Junction city, KS is easily cheaper to live at than in Henderson, Nevada.

Henderson, Nevada also is more expensive than the national average, except for a few things. Most groceries in Henderson, Nevada are quite cheaper. For example, ground beef is 11.5% cheaper than the national average.

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