The 'Not the Principal's' News

Term 3 Week 1

Welcome Back

Welcome back to the beginning of what promises to be another action packed, fun, hectic term of wonderful learning at St.Augustine's.

Hopefully you've all taken some well earned 'time out' and caught up with family, friends and some of those house jobs that mount up during the busy school term.

Some of our colleagues continue to enjoy their overseas adventures - Mary.S and Jodie (we're so envious of you right now!!!)

Denise will be well and truly immersed in her Boston experience and no doubt have many stories to share on her return.

On the positive side of returning to school:

  • The students have all had a good rest and are returning 're-charged' and 'ready and keen to learn'
  • Reports are 'done and dusted' for at least another 4 months
  • The days are getting longer and dare I say it 'slightly warmer' (hopefully those 2 degree mornings are behind us)
  • So many 'special days' and events to celebrate together this term as a school community ( Prep 100 days of school, Literacy/Numeracy Week, First Eucharist celebrations, St. Augustine's Feast Day, Bush Dance day .... just to name a few!)

Have a great week everyone

Term 3's theme : 'Whatever It Takes ......'

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." Henry Ford (1863-1947)

You might recognise this well known quote in the clip below - while the video is clearly a motivational clip for 'Bodybuilding'... some of the messages are just as relevant for us in our school context.

Take a look, it's amusing to say the least.........

Passion, Hard work, Dedication, 'Whatever it takes' to reach your goals

Bodybuilding Motivation : Whatever It Takes