Gauer Social Hour

Forget about the kids...its all about YOU for this one hour!

Happy Hour @ Buffalo Wild Wings

Thursday, May 23rd, 3:30-4:30pm

8301 On the Mall

Buena Park, CA

The "How To Get There ON TIME!" Agenda

Wednesday, May 22nd
- Administer CST
- Teach
- Make photocopies
- Grade papers
- Input scores
- Check lesson plans
- Remind your colleagues to be prepared for Happy Hour on May 23rd

Thursday, May 23rd
- Teach, teach, teach
15 minutes prior to dismissal
- Pack up backpacks
- Scurry kids outside the door
- Pay no attention to the crooked lines or loud have a happy hour to get to
- Tell all the "Wait! I forgot my homework" students that they've had their chance and "too bad so sad"...insert a shrugging shoulder and a sad look on your face
- Lock doors and proceed to the parking lot with keys in hand
- Toss all intended papers to grade in trunk...because really, who are you kidding? You really had good intentions but never get to them anyways.

3:27PM - Drive with your favorite station/song blaring knowing you'll be enjoying some quality time with your colleagues over a beverage or two.

3:29PM - Don't forget to lock your car

3:30PM - Enjoy!