December Fulton Finger Challenge

Showcasing the Awesomeness FPS has to offer!


The December Challenge will be a bit different. The challenge is to BAND together to learn how to use Twitter and SHARE the Fulton Finger!


Why learn to use Twitter for FPS? To show how twitter shares the positives in our school (like #CelebrateMonday) and to become connected educators with abundant resources available at our fingertips.

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Goals for December

Get signed up and find some people to follow. After that, we will learn the Twitter lingo (what exactly is a #hashtag?) and really GO!

Don't Know How?

Never fear--help is NEAR!!!

There will be daily tidbits to help you and two workshops next week (12-8 and 12-9 in the FMS computer lab) on how to use Twitter.

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Don't See the Value?

It's all about being a connected educator. Here is what the experts say:

Eric Sheninger, author of Digital Leadership says “I think that it has the ability to be a truly viable catalyst for the type of change that’s needed in education. The more people get connected, the more opportunity there will be for voices to be heard, to truly and authentically improve our education here in the U.S. We need a national forum with the voices of practitioners, talking about what will work and what will not, talking about the challenges. Connected education can be a catalyst for meaningful reform that will be embraced.”

Our very own Jan Bailey said this about Twitter: “Twitter developed my PLN in a matter of days! The best PD ever!”

A Higher Chance of Becoming Great? The “Twitter” Factor

What's Next?

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, December 2, there will be daily bits via email to help you get started. Each day next week, the Fulton Finger will visit each building to capture the awesomeness from around the District. Our hashtag is #fpslearn. In January, we'll dive head first into a Twitter chat! Come on, GET ON BOARD--you know you want to!!!!
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