Vacuoles store extra food water and waste. Both plants and animals have them but the plant's are slightly bigger than animals.
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cell wall

The cell wall protects the other plant cells from harmful things outside of it. The cell wall is only found in plants, animals do not have cell walls.
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Chloroplast uses the suns energy to make food for the plant. This cell is only found in plants. Animals do not have chloroplast.
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cell membrane

The cell membrane controls what can go in the cell and keeps bad stuff out. The cell membrane is found in both the animal and plant cells.
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The nucleus is like the brain of the cell . it controls what all the other cells should do. The cell membrane can be fond in both animal and plant cells.
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cell theory

there are three parts of the cell theory 1. all cells come from preexisting cells. 2. all living things are made of one more cells. 3. Cells are a basic unit of structure with organization and organisms.


Prokaryotes are a single celled organism. they have been around for 1000th of years. The do not have a nucleus and also have a protective coating around it
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eukaryotes can be multicellular or unicellular. They have a nucleus and a membrane.
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