During this COVID-19 crisis, the HCS Child Nutrition Program staff leaped to the forefront to provide thousands of meals for the students that reside in our district. The hard work and dedication that CNP staff members displayed was unprecedented. We hope and pray that this dilemma that affects the lives of so many people in our great city of Huntsville and across the nation will soon rapidly come to an end. I would like for everyone to please understand and review the parameters that have been directed by our state, local, federal, and district leaders to practice social distancing along with executing the necessary approach to display proper hygiene. Please be safe and protect your family and friends! - H. Ward

Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Disease

For more information regarding disease prevention visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at:

Did you know?

  • The HCS CNP Team served over 18,000 meals during the COVID-19 school closures.
  • A total of 41 CNP staff members diligently worked to continue executing meals after school closures were announced.
  • Apple Bus provided 6 buses to assist in the transportation and distribution of food during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Curbside meal service was enacted to give parents and guardians an opportunity to attain meals for their children.
  • Served meals were of a grab and go variety and were considered reimbursable by the USDA.

CNP Staff distributing Meals during COVID-19 Crisis

March Birthdays

Charlotta Eldridge 3/1

Indira Passe 3/5

Remithia Strickland 3/4

Willie Ann Coleman 3/6

Wonda Miles 3/7

Maggie Daniels 3/10

Maria Boyzo 3/11

Jackie Pruitt 3/15

Joyce Blanchard 3/20

Semyra Acklin 3/20

Kim Seals 3/21

Pam Horton 3/21

Elsa Santos 3/26

Brittany Rice 3/27

Service Anniversaries

Keith Cantrell 7 years

Kim Ferguson 13 years

Joyce Blanchard 18 years

Thank you to all of the CNP staff who make supplying meals to our HCS community possible. YOU do such a wonderful job for our district!

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