Hector Garcia

by Trenton Lavigne

Early life

Hector Garcia was born in Mexico, January 17, 1914. Hector had 9 brother/sisters. As a kid his family was poor. At the time Mexico was at war the year he was born, 1917. Finally his family moved to the U.S states of Texas.

Reasons for being a activist

Hector Garcia in 1948, he formed the the American G.I. forum. He did this because Mexican Americans Veterans had no equal rights. His group wanted better benefits and more respect for Mexican Americans Vets. He served was soldier/vet in World War 2. He was a medic in World War 2.

Important Events

Hector Garcia recieved a medal of Freedom. He became a leader of Hispanic Civil Rights. In 1968 he was named a U.S civil rights group. He formed a G.I forum. He graduated in 1940 from medical school and got married.