Free Parent Workshop

Working Together to Make Our Kids Successful

Debi Bennis, Parent Resource Specialist of the Parents of the Panhandle Information Network (POPIN)

Friday, Feb. 5th, 6pm

1221 West Lakeview Avenue

Pensacola, FL

Transition Planning Ahead

Transition Planning with Sticky Notes: Supporting Person Centered Outcomes

In person-centered planning, groups of people focus on an individual and that person's vision of what they would like to do in the future implemented. This workshop will show an alternative way to look at transition planning and get the creative juices flowing.

Making Your Case

Whether you are a professional lobbyist or a parent/caregiver who is simply planning to lobby on an issue to which you are committed, this workshop will take you through the steps to be the best advocate you can be for your child.

Opening Doors to Self Determination Skills

Attendee will learn how strategies to help their child learn self-determination skills such as:

• Knowledge of self and others

• Personal management

• Effective communication

• Self-advocacy and advocacy within systems

• Decision-making

• Goal setting

• Problem-solving