Healthy Living Campaign

Alcohol and Drinking Awarnes

The main reason as to why I am running a Alcohol awareness campaign is to empower people to think critically about the role alcohol may play in their own lives and to support them my taking action. It has been statically proven that more than 9 million drinkers in England are potentially putting their health at risk by drinking above the recommended guidelines.

Frequently asked Question on alcohol

How long does alcohol stay in your system?

On average alcohol can stay in your system for about 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Once alcohol reaches your blood stream in it can leave your system in two ways, the 10% leaves through breath, perspiration and urine. The other 90% is metabolized which is broken down in the body.

Am I ok to drive if I’ve only had one drink?

Alcohol in your blood system will impair your ability to drive there for you are much more likely to have an accident. In fact you are twice as likely, when drinking with the legal limit for alcohol in your blood, if you had not been drinking my personal believe is not to drink at all when driving.

What is the advice for drinking when you’re pregnant, if you’re trying for a baby or if you’re breastfeeding?

It very important that women who are pregnant or who are trying to conceive to not drink at all. If they want to drink the best way is to minimize the risk to the baby, they should not have more than 1-2 units once a week or may at least twice. They should never get drunk. The NHS will help to advice that you do not drink no more then 1-2 Units once or twice a week when pregnant, drinking heavily an help make men less fertile and can cause temporary importance

What is the health risks associated with drinking over the limit?

The short term when drinking the side effect could be tiredness, anxiety, weight gain, poor sleep or sexual. The long terms are increasing your risk of developing condition including liver diseases, various types of cancer and stroke through high blood pressure.

Thing to remember when drinking

1. It important to keep an eye on what you are drinking

2. Do not every drink and drive#