The Worst Hallucinogen: N-Bomb

Super Extreme LSD


Feeling the constant need to perform some action or use a substance, to a point where it is bad for your wellbeing

What is 25I-NBOMe?

25I Nbome is a synthetic hallucinogen, that small amounts of it are equal to large amounts of LSD and mushrooms. It is the most extreme hallucinogen. As a new drug information, on 25I-NBOMe is slim and it is tough to know everything about the drug.

In what forms is N-bomb found?

N-bomb is created in almost all forms like, Powder, Liquid, or Soaked Blotter Paper.

How is 25I taken?

Some ways a person would take NBOMe are Under the tongue absorption, injection, smoking, inhaling, and vaporizing.
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Common Side Effects

Extreme auditory, visual, and physical hallucinations, Nausea, Numbing, Muscle Spasms, Shaking, vomiting, seizures, and increased blood pressure. There are a lot of minor side effects too, N-bomb is relatively new so research is still being done.

Overdose Information

N-bomb is so extremely easy to overdose that the average use dosage is the equivalent to a single grain of table salt. When you get to 6-7 grains of salt worth of N-bomb it is overdose inducing. Even police officers in the evidence rooms have overdosed on N-bomb because of particles in the air.
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Is N-bomb addictive?

No, actually the opposite. Scientists discovered that the drug is so psychedelically strong that the urge to take n-bomb decreases with use.

Short and Long term Effects

Short: Wild hallucinations, Nausea, Seizures, Heart attack, Kidney failure, Extremely high blood pressure.

Long: Seizures, Kidney failure, Respiratory Failure, Vomiting, Muscle Spasms, and Death

IS 25I-NBOMe popular in HHS?

I think n-bomb use in HHS students is rare, mostly because of how extreme the drug is. I do not know much about the drug related activities in school, but I can guess that N-Bomb is not the most fun drug to use.