Montrose Messenger

March 11, 2020

Parent Teacher Conferences

Greetings Families,

Per Dr. Taylor's email last night, your upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences will be held remotely. Teachers at Montrose and the Marshall portable are prepared to discuss your child's progress by phone on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, March 11, 12 or 13.

Two copies of your child's Progress Report will be sent home via backpack today. We ask that you sign and return one of these progress reports for our records.

Your child's teacher will call you at your preferred number at the designated time. Please be sure that the number we have is current.

Maintaining a Healthy School Building

Montrose has consistently had the following practices in place:

  • teaching and promoting handwashing with soap for at least 20 seconds
  • a two-step cleaning and sanitizing of eating surfaces occurs prior to and after eating
  • hand sanitizers are available when children and staff are at outdoor recess
  • hands are washed upon entering classrooms
  • using gloves when handling food
  • cleaning commonly used surfaces at least twice daily (hand rails, doorknobs, bathroom and classroom sink hot/cold knobs, etc)

In the past week, we have had:

  • additional staff training on how to avoid the spread of germs
  • increased cleaning and sanitizing of toys and frequently used items
  • at least two hand sanitizer stations installed in hallways on each floor of the building
  • a hand sanitizer station installed in the gymnasium
  • a hand sanitizer station installed in each classroom

In the near future, we will have:

  • an ODOROX Hydroxyl Generator installed in the nurse's office (it is on site already)
  • electrostatic disinfectant sprayers will be installed in various areas over the next few days

I hope that this helps you understand how seriously we are taking the health and wellness of our school community.

District Health Guidelines/Recommendations for Sickness

  • As per standard school guidelines, sick students with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and rash should not attend school (students should now be symptom-free without fever-reducing medicine for 48-hours before returning to school);
  • School nurses will have the authority to send sick and feverish students home (any sick students waiting to be picked up will be kept in an area separate from general student body);
  • Sick staff are encouraged to also stay home and can be sent home by the school nurse