Never Quit

Ayrian Whisenand


My theme is never quit, if you quit you will never know what happens next.

Where the theme came from

Friday, Sep. 30th 2011 at 9pm

Norwalk, IA, United States

Norwalk, IA

The climax or where my theme came from would have to be when my parents got divorced because it was a hard experience for everyone but no one quit

Characteristics Other People Said About Me That Helped My Theme

Nice, Smart, Inspiring, Equality, Dreamer, Aberrant, Sarcastic (good way), Perseverer, Family person

People who helped my theme

These are the people who influenced my theme and helped my get through my story.

Sierra Whisenand

She's my sister and I thought of her because she is always there to make me laugh and is the best sister / friend I could ask for.

Gage Whisenand

He's my brother and I picked him because he has the best personality and barley gets angry, and you can never be mad around him.

Gene Whisenand

He is my father and he helped my theme because you can tell he's been through a lot but is still doing ok. Also I like how he speaks his mind and shares is opinion and I like his take on the world.
Powerful Inspirational true story...Don't give up!