SDMS FYI November 2020


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ServiceNow Customer Service Surveys

At SDMS, we are always seeking new ways to improve customer service. And the best way to do that is to ask the experts—our customers.

  • Your input will help us to improve our services.
  • Your feedback will help us develop additional supports.
  • Your positive comments will let us know what we are doing right.
ServiceNow customer surveys come directly to your email once a ServiceNow ticket is closed. The survey is short and only takes a minute.

ARD/IEP Digital Signatures

ARD Team Members selected on the ARD TEAM screen will populate in the Current ARD/IEP Committee Members table on the DELIBERATIONS AND SIGNATURES OF ARD/IEP TEAM MEMBERS.

Things to know about Digital signatures-

  • Once a “Signature Required?”checkbox is selected, the ARD/IEP Process screens become read only. To open the ARD for changes, deselect the checkbox(es) under the Signature Required? column.
  • Deselecting a checkbox will remove initials entered. Those initials/digital signatures must be obtained again.
  • General Education Teachers can sign digitally. See revised guide for directions.
  • Parents cannot sign digitally because they do not have EAD logins.

Important: Selecting or deselecting “Signature Required?”checkboxes will not reset any screens or events.

Enhancements Coming December 2020

  • Modifications to Instructional and Related Services selections.
  • Graduation options when student is not required to pass state assessments.
  • Surrogate and foster parent questions.

Webinar: Reports for Special Education Teachers and Staff (Fall 2020)

If you are a Special Education Teacher/Special Education Staff AND have access to EasyIEP, reporting capability is beneficial for managing your caseload. Join SDMS at Webinar: Reports for Special Education Teachers and Staff (Fall 2020) for a demonstration about running custom Special Education reports. In addition, several reports will be highlighted including explanation of data captured within those reports.

Although not required to attend the training, VPN access is recommended so that you can pull your own report if you are not at a district facility!

How to Register in Cornerstone (Career Management System):

· Open Dallas ISD website (

· Hover mouse over the word “Staff” (or click on Staff)

· Scroll down and click on Career Management System

· Select Click here to access the Cornerstone Platform (Career Management System)

· Log in using EAD domain credentials (the same username/password to log into computer)

· Search using keywords webinar reports

· Click on course title Webinar: Reports for Special Education Teachers and Staff (Fall 2020)

· Click Request (or Register)

Tidbit: To check status of registration, open Learner Home then view transcript. Upcoming sessions will be listed under Active.

If you experience any difficulty, call (972) 794-3554.

Customer Support

The SDMS support website has dozens of helpful documents and videos that support EasyIEP functionality. Contact the SDMS help desk via email or

call 972-794-3550.

Online Professional Development by SDMS

Click Here to access EasyIEP course titles and descriptions.

Click Here to register for courses in Cornerstone.

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Specialized Data Management Support

Linus D. Wright Dallas ISD Administration Building

9400 North Central Expressway Suite 1000 Dallas, Texas 75231

Help Desk 7:30 AM-5:00 PM Monday-Friday | 972.794.3550 | SDMS Website | ServiceNow