The Vanishing Violin- Michael Beil

By: Sarah Oxley

Piece #2

  • Main Character:

-Sophie St. Pierre An 8th grander at St.Veronica's school in New York City. Sophie and her friends enjoy solving mysteries and spending time together.

  • Secondary Characters:

-Margaret: Margaret is Sophie's best friend and is a very talented violin player. She is also very smart so having Margaret around for a mystery is always good.

-Leigh Ann: Leigh Ann is friend's with Sophie and Margaret too. Although she's not the smartest of the group, every now and then Leigh Ann has her brilliant moments in the mystery.

-Rebecca: Rebecca is a sweet girl in this group of friends and enjoy spending time with them. Rebecca comes up with good ideas when solving mystery's with her positive additude.

-Anton Chernofsky: Anton Chernofsky is an old man who owns Chernfosky's Violins and is friend's with the girls. Later in the book his violin shop is a keen setting in the story.

Piece #3

The setting of The Vanishing Violin takes place in New York City, New York. The setting in New York City takes places in Sophie's apartment, St. Veronica's, their favorite coffee shop- Perkatory and an important violin shop called Chernofsky's Violins.

Piece #4

There are 2 problems in this book:

  • Problem 1: Someone at St. Veronica's school is improving the school over night. For example, they re-furnished the library, painted the walls a new color and re-arranged the bookshelves to make the library look new and very nice.
  • Problem 2: Margaret is receiving strange mystery letters from someone about how to find a vanishing violin that could be worth tens of thousands of dollars. One by one the girls solve the riddles that are being mysteriously delivered to them to try and figure out who took the violin, why and where it is.

Piece #5

Main Events:

  • Margaret received a strange letter and bow string when was visiting Mr. Chernofsky's store.
  • Mr. Chernofsky has a new assistant working at his shop, his name is Ben.
  • The girls find an envelope contain with a clue/riddle in New York City's central park at a statue called King Jugiello, a 15th century polish king.
  • While exploring their school, they find a secret door in the basement that can lead you in and out of the school .
  • The girls find a door and open it; they find a tidy room with a bed and other small living utilities in there.
  • They get another envelope with a clue/riddle, but this one is in all codes and symbols.
  • Cops go to violin store because the violin goes missing, as well as Ben.
  • The girls are exploring the school basement when they find that Ben was the one living in the small living space. He says that someone blocked the door and has been trapped in there for 3 days.
  • The girls find a trap door in Mr. C's shop that leads to apartments above; so they decide that one day they will interview the people who live there and say it's for a school project.
  • Once they get in their apartment, they find out that 2 women live there: Natalia and Anna Medikova. They are cousins from Romania and have a nephew named Sergei.
  • The girls thinks that Sergei is the one who snook down from their apartment and stole the violin.
  • The girls try to prove this by planning a conversation that Sergei is supposed to hear at Purkatory; they say loudly that an expensive violin is at Mr. C's shop. He hears them and leaves.
  • That night the girls set up a video camera recording the inside of the shop that is supposed to have expensive violin it, but is really just Margret's inexpensive violin bow. They watch the camera feed all night, but nothing happens. Later that morning when they go the Mr. C's shop, the violin bow is gone even though nothing showed on their camera.
  • Girls receive on more clue of a 6 x 6 grid saying "The man in Apt. 5C is not on Spring Street and doesn't play the flute. Neither 288 nor 770 is the address of the building on Spring Street.

Piece #6

The climax of The Vanishing Violin is when Margaret demonstrates how the thief steals the violin without being seen on the camera. Also, another climax is when the girls finally figure out the clues and walk into the apartment to find Malcom, Raf, Elizabeth and the girl's parents are already there- waiting there.

Piece #7

3 Clues for the problem of the book:

  1. The Bassoon player lives on 2J but not on Grand or Essex
  2. The Piano Player lives on Hester Street
  3. The violinist does not live in the building located at Grand or in Apt 7A

Piece #8


You're friend(s) may really be your enemies...

Piece #9


My personal rating of the book is 4 out of 5 stars. I rate this book this way because at some parts of this book, it was confusing and slow which made it hard for the reader to comprehend .