16 Is the Right Age

16 and Driving

My Perspective

Kids today are eager to drive. Kids cant wait any longer to get in their own car. They cant wait to have the radio to themselves, drive where ever they want, and just the feeling of owning a car. 16 is the perfect age for these kids because if they learn how to drive early then they will obtain more practice.

The Facts

  • One teens brain might be more developed than an 18 year old just like a 16 year older being taller than a 18 year old
  • A lot of adults are tired of driving their kid to sports practices. They want their kid to drive
  • "most fatal crashes with 16-year-old drivers (77%) involved driver errors" that means they need to learn a little more at the driving school
  • Most of the crashes are caused by emotions more. That means teens will get used to driving sometime.
Liz Marks Texting & Driving Story