Global Resource Inc.:

committed to offer world class telecommunication

In the present day world of knowledge driven economy businesses are carried out using the cutting edge tools and technology. Whether it is the use of advanced, high speed internet products or the sophisticated VOIP telephones and telecommunication equipment in the business offices, government agencies, hotels and casinos, the fact is that they have become utmost important for the successful business operations and seamless flow of communication. With the advancements in the technology and rise in demand of telecommunication equipment many world class telecom companies have emerged and established themselves as leading brands that cater to the needs and requirements of individuals and business enterprises.

Global Resource Inc. is a Houston, Texas based company that offers excellent quality telecommunication devices to its clients worldwide. The company offers Cetis phones Teledex, Telematrix phones and portable phone of world class brands like Nortel, Mitel, Cisco, Avaya, Lucent, Alcatel, New Bridge, Cray, Galaxy, Hewlett Packard, Lexar, Macrotel, ITT, Kanda, Ascend, Vadavi, Toshiba, Panasonic and many more. Besides this the company also offers Laser Printers, Monitors, Air Conditioning, Supplies, Voice Mails, Tower, Teleconference, Single Line Phones, Routers and much more.Thus the company caters to the telecommunication equipment needs of hospitals, hotels, casinos, universities and government agencies and many more.

All products are offered on a cost effective price and they come with strongest warranty that is designed according to the equipment. Our skilled professionals will be highly glad to respond all your queries within a short period of time. One can easily buy or sell home phone system and one is likely to get the maximum returns on investment. The expert and dedicated folks of the company are committed to utmost customer satisfaction and they buy telephone equipment, spent catalyst and catalytic converters of all major brands from people who need to sell them.

People can easily buy or sell wireless phone system of leading brands like Lucent, Partner, Nortel Meridian, Comdial, Teledex, Telematrix and others. Regardless of your location in the world you can easily sell used telephone equipment, spent industrial catalysts and catalytic converters to Global Resource Inc. The committed folks of the company will pay all international freight, customs and duties costs to pick up your catalytic converters and will offer flexible payment options through bank wire, company check, and foreign currency.

With a well stocked inventory of telephone and telecommunication equipment of various leading brands and an unflinching commitment to serve their customers in the most comprehensive way, Global Resource Inc. is really a company to reckon with. The most professional way of handling client’s requests with user friendly shipping and privacy policies lets the company stand apart from others. The company ensures that its clients get the desired products and the best value on the same. Feel free to browse through our detailed online catalogue through our site