MVHS EdTech Tips

February 2016

Happy February!

Spring semester is under way. Your calendar is full, your to-do list keeps growing, and it's tough to manage all of your emails. This month's newsletter is all about task-management and digital tools for organization. These tools can help you manage information, events, and emails.

If you are looking for a great site that recommends tools and apps for all of your educational technology needs (personal, organization, content, instruction, etc.), check out the Graphite (link below). Graphite is hosted by Common Sense Media, which is leading the way in developing content to teach about digital literacy for teachers and students.


Google Tasks

Tasks is a great feature that allows you to organize information in Gmail & Google Calendars. You can access all of these features on the desktop version of Chrome as well as on your device. Tasks can have due dates designated, which show up automatically on your calendar. You can also link tasks to emails for easy review and reference. Check out the video below to see a brief overview.
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EdTech Thursday

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 11:15am

Room 254

Come by to talk about your tech needs or ask any questions you have about educational technology. This session won't have a specific focus. Grab your lunch and come by!

EdTeach Thursday

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 11:15am

Room 254

Today's topic is: Cycle 9 - What have you tried?