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Congratulations to Caitlin Stonecypher and Zoe Richins for being selected to the North County Honor Band. They were selected from applicants from 13 middle school in the north Clark County region. They will attend rehearsals on January 31st and February 1st and will perform for the free concert at the end of the day on the 1st at Hockinson High School.

Amboy's Holiday Concert will take place on Tuesday, December 17th at 7 pm. All of the bands will be performing, and the Beginning Band will be featured for their first concert.

Veterans Day 2019 with the Amboy Middle School Band -

It was wet!!!

When we arrived to the staging site the rain became steady and continued until the time we stepped off. Forty-eight Amboy Marching Band members headed off for the 1.3 mile trek on wet streets, carting an extra two pounds of soaked uniforms. They played well, receiving compliments and accolades throughout the route. The most common sentiment was "They sound like a band twice its size".

After the parade, parents had prepped a celebration of snack foods and pizza to honor the efforts of the band.

Three hours later, seventeen band members (1/3 of the band) performed for the Veterans Day recognition event at the Mt. Valley Grange. They performed for over 100 audience members (including about 40 veterans) from ages in their 30s to a spry young lady who just had her 100th birthday. The audience stood for the band at the end.

Throughout the day, all band members represented Amboy Middle School in an awesome manner.

Please enjoy this first family newsletter from BGSD Sodexo/Nutrition Services. You can find information about Free and Reduced Meal Benefits, discover the latest promotions, and much more!


Please talk to your kids about checking our lost and found area in the commons! We have a LOT of items waiting to be claimed. All items left by December 20 will be donated to the Battle Ground Public Schools' Family and Community Resource Center.
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Math is working on adding/subtracting fractions with unlike denominators using time, money, and double lines as models. We're also using ratio tables to find better buys and solve problems. In December, we'll be using models to examine decimal place value and compare decimals.


In December, we will continue to work with our Storyworks magazines, vocabulary, comprehension skills, and fluency.


In Social Studies students are wrapping up their persuasive essays and learning about "Colonial America". In this unit we learn about how the 13 original colonies were shaped by people, economy, land, and relations with the Native Americans.

Reminder that Missing Assignment Sheets (or Congratulations! No Missing Assignments) go home with students every Friday. These need to be returned to the homeroom teacher with a parent/guardian signature. Also, please make sure students have pencils and other supplies as they run out.



  • Students need to have Chromebooks here and charged every day
  • Keep reading for the 40 book challenge
  • Calendars should be coming home daily (signed weekly)
  • Grade sheets are sent home at least every other week
  • Food Drive and Giving Tree - Keep bringing in those non-dented, not expired food items to help families in our area. Also, if you're interested in buying something for the giving tree, you can see Betty in the office for more details.


  • Our new math program is quite different from previous programs. While the math is still the same, the way students are learning is more group-based. This can make it extra challenging if students miss class. Luckily, we have some resources to help:
  • - This is where our curriculum comes from. Students can access their book from this site. The parent site has some great information and resources as well.
  • - This is a great resource for students to practice 6th grade standards (in math or ELA) as well as standards from previous grades. There are lessons and worksheets, as well as a fun game mode.
  • - Lots of resources at this site including links to Khan Academy and a teacher walking through the entire math lesson. These would be especially helpful for students who have been absent or are struggling to understand concepts.



In December students will be finishing up their African Civilization presentations in Mrs. Steward's and Mrs. Wood's history classes. In Mr. Mathis' classes students will be reviewing the Mongols and civilizations of the Mughals of India.


In ELA students will be exploring writing and reading informational essays in Mrs. Wood's classes and Narrative reading and writing in Mrs. Steward's classes.


7th grade scientists will continue in the world of Chemistry for a bit longer. Students will continue to learn about how amazing (my word not theirs) the periodic table actually when you start to learn everything you can predict from the information provided in the table one can once again be astounded by how dedicated the past and present scientists were/are and the extent to which they persevere - great values needed by our current scientists, too. Think of all of the medications scientists have developed to save lives (or improve quality of life), the many tools scientists have invented that have made our lives so much easier, everywhere you look science has made contributions.

Please remember to check Skyward and ask your child if you can see their agenda/planner. Sometimes 15 minutes of homework each night can have a huge impact on grades.


Thanksgiving is done, but we are still stuffed like a turkey. The winter break is coming and the weather is very unpredictable, so please be ready for anything. Please have your child keep up with their work. Remember if you have any questions, please email or call your child's teacher. If your child is going to be out for the holiday (sick, visiting, etc.) the teacher may be able to make arrangements for your child, but please give us a head's up as soon as possible. Many of our lessons are set up for the children to participate in class. We will try to make modifications, but we need a few days lead to get the information together.

January 31, 2020, will be the end of the first semester, and these grades can influence your child's selection of classes for high school. How, you ask? If a student fails history, they will have to make the class up on your dime. Your child should be put into Algebra - if not, your child will be put into a remedial math class that will not count as a math credit. Your child will need three math credits to graduate, so if your child does not get into Algebra by his or her Sophomore year, he or she may not be able to graduate.

Also, the habits your child has in middle school are very hard to break and will usually follow him or her into high school. Make sure your child is checking for missed work, getting the work turned in, and advocating for themselves by asking what he or she will have to do to get help in any class he or she is having problems with.

Another friendly reminder is that your child needs to set up a routine about charging their Chromebooks. We use them every day in most core classes. If they are having problems with their Chromebook, please have your child see Ms. Blahnik. She will send it to our service department to get it fixed and your child will be using a loaner, but the loaner does not leave school grounds.


The Amboy/Yacolt Giving Tree is a local tradition that showcases the generosity of our community. If you would like to participate, stop by Amboy or Yacolt schools to select an ornament with gift ideas for a family in need. Wrapped gifts with the ornament attached need to be returned by December 18.

If you are currently experiencing financial hardship and could use some support this holiday season, please contact Lori Homola at 360-247-5239, Diane Lund at 360-686-3711, or you can call your school office. They will ask for gift ideas for all family members, including adults. All names will be kept confidential, and only numbers will be used on the ornaments to identify the families.

Our schools will also be participating in the North Clark Lions Club Holiday Food Drive. You can drop off canned, boxed, and nonperishable items through December 19. Personal care items are also needed. Contact Mark Miller at 360-687-4656 with any questions.


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