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It's a BUSY month in OCTOBER! Continue reading below for information on:

  • Pillar of Character: RESPECT
  • National Bullying Prevention Month
  • Unity Day - October 23rd
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Digital Counseling Referral
  • Parent/Student Needs Assessments

Pillar of Character for October: RESPECT

  • Treat others with respect and follow the Golden Rule.
  • Be tolerant and accepting of differences.
  • Use good manners, and not bad language.
  • Be considerate of the feelings of others.
  • Don't threaten, hit, or hurt anyone.
  • Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements.

Awhile back, I witnessed a young student push another student. I asked Student A why he pushed Student B. His response was, "Because I'm following the Golden Rule!" I was utterly perplexed! If the Golden Rule is to "treat others as you would want to be treated," why would Student A WANT to be pushed by another? Of course, I asked him for clarification.

"What do you think the Golden Rule means?"

And with all the confidence and self-assuredness he could muster, he said, "It means 'Do to others what they've done to you!"


While there were a similar number of words in there, and it did have a similar cadence to it, the child had completely misinterpreted the true meaning.

If you get a moment in the upcoming days, ask your son if he knows what The Golden Rule means. Challenge him to explore the meaning with different scenarios. Does it matter who did what first? What if it's the first time he's broken The Golden Rule? Can he offer his own examples?


According to, bullying is "unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance." In order to be considered bullying, there must be:

  • an imbalance of power: age difference, the number of students involved, physical strength, and/or popularity are all examples
  • repetition: more than once or the potential to happen more than once

Preventing bullying isn't something that happens just in a school's a COMMUNITY effort! Play a role in prevention by:

  • helping your student understand bullying - talk about what it is and isn't, and how to safely stand up to it.
  • keeping communication open - check in, listen, and know who they hang out with. If they're uncomfortable with a student, make sure they know to alert an adult on campus!
  • encouraging them to do what they love - confident kids are more self-assured and less likely to fall victim to bullying behavior.
  • modeling kindness - following concepts like The Golden Rule fosters a safe and caring environment in ANY SITUATION!

For more information about bullying prevention, please visit

UNITY DAY is Wed, Oct. 23rd. Students may wear ORANGE to demonstrate their UNITED front of:

Red Ribbon Week is October 23rd - October 31st!

Red Ribbon Week is a national campaign that has been raising drug awareness since its' inception in 1985. It's an opportunity for schools and communities to come together and take a stand against drugs!

This year, YMLA will celebrate a drug-free campus with the following:

  • October 23rd - STAND together on UNITY DAY by wearing ORANGE to show a campus filled with kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.
  • October 24th - "TEAM up against drugs!" Students may wear their favorite jersey to school.
  • October 25th - "I use my HEAD to make healthy choices!" Students may wear a hat of their choice.
  • October 28th - "Don't get TIED up in bad choices!" Students can wear any tie they want!
  • October 29th - "Don't let drugs turn you INSIDE OUT!" Students wear their clothes inside out.
  • October 30th - "KICK drugs to the curb!" Students may wear any shoes.
  • October 31st - "I MUSTACHE you not to do drugs!" Students can wear a silly mustache to school!

NEW! Digital Counseling Referral Form

I've recently created a digital referral form for students, parents, and faculty. If there is a specific issue you'd like me to discuss with your child, use the QR code below to fill out the pertinent information, and I'll meet with your child as soon as I'm available.
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Parent Needs Assessment

Parents, if you haven't already done so, please take a quick moment to fill out the Parent Needs Assessment survey. It only takes a couple of minutes, and the results will help me to define the counseling program so that it assesses the needs of OUR campus.

Use your camera or a QR Code reader to access the survey. (Ask your kid for help if necessary!)

Student Needs Assessment

Students have their own survey as well! Please encourage your student to fill out his survey too!

Students can use the camera or a QR Code reader to access the survey.