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Focus on Informative Texts

Technology PD Session

Thursday, Aug. 29th 2013 at 3:15-4:15pm

The Junction Public School

  1. See the apps mentioned below in action as well as other writing apps more suited to other text types.
  2. Check out some student work samples for inspiration.
  3. Create your own example to share with your class before they have a go at making their own.

Want your students to create a multimodal informative text? Try one of these iPad apps...

PixnTell is my pick for K-2, although Book Press and Book Magic are just as simple to use. These apps allow where students to take photos and record their voice explaining each image. Snapguide is a little trickier to use as it has more features and requires a login. Best used with 3-6. Videolicious could be used by students from Year 2 and above.
Other apps previously shared but also suited to this type of writing include Strip Designer, Creative Book Builder and Educreations. Strip designer doesn't give you an audio option but you can create an awesome looking procedure in comic form. If you wanted to be extra tricky you could then import the image into Thinglink and make it interactive or post each frame into iMovie and add a voice over.

Instructional Texts Website Resources

They Draw & Cook

They Draw & Cook - Artists from around the world draw their favourite recipes. Great for exploring different layouts of recipes and aspects of visual literacy.

Cook It Activities

Cook It - Four great web activities that will link in with any instructional writing or food theme you're currently investigating. Create a menu, orally explain a recipe, animate a cooking session and investigate the food groups.

The Book Chook

The Book Chook - One of my favourite Literacy and Literature blogs. Loads of resources here. Check the menu on the right for links to resources, PDFs and articles.

Western Australia - First Steps Literacy

The WA Department of education allows all teachers to download their rsources for classroom use. The Resource books (Speaking & Listening, Viewing, Writing and Reading) have some terrific ideas for your modelled, guided and independent sessions. The Viewing book specifically focuses on the explicit teaching of multimodal texts. You can also access their Maths resources by clicking on the First Steps Mathematics link in the menu on the left hand side.
First Steps Literacy

Multimodal Informative Texts

How to Sneak a Monster to School

Beautifully illustrated book outlining the procedure to follow to sneak your monster to school.

Procedural text - Children's Book - How to Sneak your Monster into School - Book Trailer

Telmo & Tula

An educational cartoon series by Disney features Telmo & Tula following a number of different recipes including; How to Make a Chocolate Cake, How to Make a Tuna Sandwich and How to Make Bread. There is also a handicraft series. These videos make great listening and writing activities.
There is also a website with downloadables and printables to support each of the videos.
Telmo and Tula

Telmo and Tula - Chocolate cake recipe to cook with kids. Children cartoon show

How It's Made Series

The entire series of 'How It's Made' by The Discovery Channel is available on You Tube. They are organised itno two playlists. The first containing 200 episodes and the second playlist contains 117 episodes.
Playlist 1
Playlist 2

How It's Made Plastic Bags

Creating Multimodal Texts

An outstanding website by Annemaree O'Brien which constains all the information you need about multimodal texts and their place in the Australian Curriculum. There are examples of multimodal texts as well as links to websites which allow students to create their own.

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