When Did the Holocaust Start?

What Caused the Holocaust

When did the holocaust start.

The Holocaust started on January 30, 1933.

The Start of The Holocaust.

After the invasion of Poland 1939 the Germans established ghettos in several polish cities, where Jews were effectively imprisoned. this is how the Holocaust started. living conditions in the cramped ghettos was appealing, and disease, hunger and overcrowding tens of thousands. The Germans deported Jews from all over occupied Europe of these ghettos, modeled after the ghettos the catholic church had established all over Europe since the middle ages.

What Ended the Holocaust

When the Allied forces finally invaded Germany in 1945, Adolf Hitler knew he had been defeated. Whether out of cowardice and fear of punishment, or based on Nazi ideals of death before dishonor, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in April of 1945 before the Allies had a chance to capture him. Thousands of Nazis committed suicide during this year, as they were taught that it was a more favorable option than being captured and punished for their beliefs. However, hundreds more were caught and punished for their involvement in the Holocaust.

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